Asia Pacific
China’s COVID-19 crisis
Robert Narai

A surge in both COVID-19 cases and protests inside China presents a dilemma for the ruling Communist Party. 

The persecution of David McBride
Erin Russell

David McBride, the former military lawyer who exposed Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, will face trial next year after Commonwealth lawyers intervened to suppress the use of crucial evidence that reportedly would have granted him whistleblower protection.

US bombers in the NT increase the risk of war
US bombers get the nod
Tom Bramble

The revelation by ABC’s Four Corners program on 31 October that the US Air Force will base six B-52 bombers in the Northern Territory is the latest signal that the United States is preparing for war with China and confirms Australia’s bipartisan commitment to these murderous plans.

The new corporate face of cruelty on Nauru
Nauru’s corporate face of cruelty
Erin Russell

US prison company Management and Training Corporation (MTC) has signed a deal with the federal Labor government to take over the running of Australia’s refugee prison on Nauru. The company will be awarded $47.3 million to oversee the detention of 111 refugees over a two-month period. At a time when the ALP government is telling us all to tighten our belts, it will be spending $425,000 for each refugee to be detained for two months for the “crime” of seeking safety in another country.

Xi Jinping ascendant
Tom Bramble

The decision by the Chinese Communist Party at its twentieth national congress to re-elect Xi Jinping as general secretary, setting him up for an unprecedented third term as Chinese president, takes place at a time of significant change in China.

Peoples’ Tribunal condemns murders
Eleanor Morley

Israeli security forces shot and killed the revered Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on 11 May this year while she was covering an army raid in the occupied West Bank. She was wearing a press vest and surrounded only by other journalists, one of whom was also shot in the back.

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