Asia Pacific
Get us out of the US alliance
Corey Oakley

If we don’t want Australia to be drawn into a devastating war with China that could cost tens if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions of lives, we need to break the military alliance with the United States.

Bosses exploit PALM labour scheme
Vinil Kumar

Days after winning office, Foreign Minister Penny Wong pledged to the Pacific Islands Forum that the Labor government would expand the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme (PALM). In January, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese backed the Papua New Guinea government’s ambition to have 8,000 workers participate.

75 years of Tamil oppression in Sri Lanka
75 years of Tamil oppression
Ben Hillier

The Sri Lankan government this month celebrated 75 years of independence from British colonial rule. Yet in the north of the island, members of the Tamil population were protesting against 75 years of discrimination and state violence against their people. Here, Red Flag editor and member of the Tamil Refugee Council Ben Hillier explains the roots of Tamil oppression.

What future for Myanmar? Perspectives from the left
Left perspectives on Myanmar
Robert Narai

Two years after seizing power in a coup, Min Aung Hlaing’s junta in Myanmar continues to be ensnared in a civil war that shows no signs of abating.

From crisis to catastrophe in China
Robert Narai

Video footage from late December shows elderly patients infected with COVID-19 on stretchers receiving oxygen stored in large blue bottles. They are being treated on the road outside the emergency department of Zhongshan Hospital, one of the largest in Shanghai.

Understanding Fiji’s politics
Vinil Kumar

Fiji’s prime minister, and 2006 coup leader, Frank Bainimarama has been defeated in the country’s 2022 election but has so far refused to concede.

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