We should support the Palestinians, not Israel

Kim Bullimore Arriving in Australia for a four-day diplomatic visit on Wednesday, 21 February, Benjamin Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Australia. Netanyahu – who also held Israel’s prime ministership between 1996 and 1999 – is responsible for the ongoing illegal blockade...CONTINUE READING

How the Liberals fell in love with ‘sophisticated’ One Nation

Mick Armstrong The Liberals are going all out to court One Nation. In a desperate attempt to save the deeply unpopular Barnett government, the Western Australian branch has struck a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s far right racist party for the 11 March state election. One Nation, which is currentl...CONTINUE READING

Privatisation, not renewables, to blame for blackouts

Jack Crawford South Australia was enveloped by darkness last September when a major storm caused a state-wide power outage. Little did we know, as we waited in candlelit confusion, that a much more sinister form of darkness was about to rear its head: the Liberals’ Jurassic hatred of renewable energy. M...CONTINUE READING

Make education free again

Anneke Demanuele Students are under attack in Australia. Fee deregulation has been put back on the table by the Turnbull government. Campuses are being “restructured” – a euphemism for large staff and course cuts. These are the latest in a series of neoliberal measures that have been forced on students sin...CONTINUE READING

Trash the US alliance

Ben Hillier The Greens in the Senate in early February again attempted to force a debate on the Australia-US alliance. Party leader Richard Di Natale secured a suspension of standing orders to launch an attack on US president Donald Trump, describing him as “dangerous, unhinged … and hateful”. Followi...CONTINUE READING

Refugees on Manus Island and Nauru should be brought to Australia

Con Karavias The acrimony over Australia’s “refugee deal” with the United States has created an unprecedented sense of diplomatic turmoil between the two counties. But the situation only underlines the Australian government’s appalling treatment of asylum seekers. The only country responsible for the r...CONTINUE READING

A vile campaign against the homeless in Melbourne

Reeshan Zakiyya and Jess Lenehan It’s Monday. Fifteen or so people lounge around outside Flinders Street Station. Some people prefer it here because they feel safer. “There’s a certain safety in numbers, and you know, the street lights – it kinda feels better”, we’re told. People are cheerful enough when we arrive, but th...CONTINUE READING

Dehumanising Human Services – literally

Josh Lees “Our vision is that in the future when you first interact with DHS [Department of Human Services], it’s with a virtual assistant: you outline your circumstance – I’ve just lost my job, my mother has died, I’ve just been kicked out of home – so the virtual assistant will need to be able to...CONTINUE READING

Private schools throw away millions on fancy buildings

Jess Lenehan Private schools around the country are competing for students by pouring tens of millions of dollars into lavish buildings and upgrades. The audiovisual “imaginarium” at Carey Baptist Grammar and $20 million Artemis Centre under construction at Melbourne Girls Grammar are just two of many...CONTINUE READING