Snouts at the trough – again

Tom Bramble High-ranking Liberal politicians who lecture the rest of us on the need to tighten our belts have been swanning around the country, buying investment properties, attending polo matches, dining in five-star restaurants, and watching the AFL grand final from the comfort of corporate boxes, a...CONTINUE READING

Protest erupts against ‘road to nowhere’ in Perth’s southern suburbs

Nick Everett One thousand Perth residents defied police intimidation to prevent bulldozing of woodland in the Perth suburb of Coolbellup on the morning of 12 January. The protesters overturned fences and surrounded blockaded machinery as Rethink Perth Freight Link community alliance stepped up efforts...CONTINUE READING

Behind the CFA dispute

Steph Price When Victorians look back on 2016, they will remember the year for two things: the premiership win of perennial football underdogs Western Bulldogs, and the United Firefighters’ Union’s attempt to take over the Country Fire Authority. One was a complete fairy tale, and the other a game of...CONTINUE READING

What’s the point of multiculturalism?

James Plested Australia is a multicultural society – among the most diverse on earth. Established in the late 18th century as a prison outpost of British imperialism through the bloody conquest of the lands of the continent’s indigenous peoples, its subsequent history has been marked by waves of immigra...CONTINUE READING

Caving-in to the right on Safe Schools

The Victorian state Labor government has caved-in to a relentless, reactionary campaign waged by the Australian Christian Lobby, the right wing of the Liberal Party and the Murdoch press. Announcing on Friday the government’s decision to cut ties with the anti-bullying Safe Schools Coaliti...CONTINUE READING

Bringing democracy to the parliament

Gaye Demanuele In Australia, we have a plethora of examples of “what they thought they could get away with”. From the founding of the colony on the genocide of Aboriginal people, to the wealth of the ruling class built on convict labour and the stolen wages of Aboriginal people, through to the White Aust...CONTINUE READING

From boom to bust in Western Australia

Andrew Martin The investment phase of one of the biggest mining booms in world history continues to wind down. Tens of thousands of jobs were shed from the industry in the two years after the boom’s peak in 2013. Earlier this year, National Australia Bank predicted 50,000 more would be lost as investmen...CONTINUE READING

If Trump isn’t reason enough to scrap the US alliance, what would be?

Mick Armstrong The shock waves from the US election had Malcolm Turnbull rushing to re-emphasise the importance of the US alliance. In the process, he joined a select group of tyrants and dictators, including Vladimir Putin, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Cambodia’s Hun Sen in emb...CONTINUE READING

Juvenile incarceration is the real outrage

Jasmine Duff For 18 hours last weekend, kids in Parkville prison tried to take something back for their own, to tear down some of the fences that keep them in. They made their way onto the roof of the facility they’d been shoved in, escaping – briefly – the disgusting conditions of the concrete block b...CONTINUE READING