Australian conservatism’s intellectual impasse

Justen Bellingham The politically shrewd US novelist Norman Mailer once suggested that “the natural disease” of conservatism, “since it does hold so many fixed positions”, is oedema (a swelling caused by too much fluid retention in body tissue). Against this ever present mortal danger, Mailer continued, “th...CONTINUE READING

Revolutionary organisations and the history of the DSP

Rjurik Davidson When the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) dissolved into Socialist Alliance in 2010, what was once the largest revolutionary Marxist group in Australia effectively signed its own death certificate. Less than a decade later, the group is a shell of its former self, in both numbers and influ...CONTINUE READING

Melbourne protesters defy cops, challenge Milo Yiannopoulos

Vashti Kenway Last night in Melbourne, several hundred anti-fascist protesters joined with residents of the Flemington and Kensingston commission flats to protest notorious alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos. In defiance of police, out in force to facilitate a Nazi gathering, demonstrators congregated a...CONTINUE READING

Unite with your fellow workers, not the state!

Gaye Demanuele It has been a busy few weeks for activists in Melbourne. The Australian government forced a humanitarian crisis with its cruel treatment of refugees and asylum seekers held as political prisoners on Manus Island. Immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton’s starvation and dehy...CONTINUE READING

We need to stand up against state violence on Manus and on our streets

Liz Walsh For three weeks refugees in the Manus prison camp have heroically resisted a siege. The Australian government has been attempting to break the men on Manus by scattering them between different prisons on the island. All food, water, electricity and medical support has been cut off since th...CONTINUE READING

The collapsing centre poses urgency of building a new left

Mick Armstrong World politics continues to be framed by the backwash from the 2007-08 global financial crisis, which discredited the neoliberal agenda that has dominated the whole political and economic framework of the advanced capitalist countries over the last 30 years. The neoliberal centre – mainstr...CONTINUE READING

Wollongong Uni overturns election result, throws out left

Eleanor Morley The University of Wollongong has just overturned the results of a democratic student union election which saw the biggest voter turnout in a decade. Chloe Rafferty was elected President of the Wollongong University Students’ Association (WUSA) in October after receiving majority support am...CONTINUE READING

‘We will never settle for anything less than freedom’

Liz Walsh Manus Island is at risk of becoming a frightening confrontation. At least 400 refugees bravely continue to resist attempts to evict them from the prison camp. They have received several ultimatums to move to three alternative prisons on the island in East and West Lorengau or Hillside Haus...CONTINUE READING