Vindication of protest politics

Louise O’Shea Much is significant about the resounding victory of the “yes” campaign. But perhaps the most important, and the factor that will leave a lasting legacy in Australian political culture, was its mass nature. It has been a fascinating case study of how to turn a highly unfavourable situation...CONTINUE READING

Always will be

Sarah Garnham “It is my responsibility to bring our stories into the public domain, to hopefully connect and engage the audience with images through a black lens”, Barbara McGrady tells me at the opening of her photography exhibition “Always will be”. “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history from...CONTINUE READING

A historic repudiation of the conservative right

Louise O’Shea In a society that thrives on division, prejudice and fear, the result of the marriage equality postal survey is a triumph. Instead of accepting, as we have become so used to doing, injustice and discrimination being carried out in our name by our elected representatives, the mass of people...CONTINUE READING

A moment to savour

Jerome Small It was the first or second protest we had in Melbourne, against John Howard's homophobic ban on same sex marriage. There were maybe three or four dozen of us, standing near the statues at the State Library in a thin Melbourne drizzle. “This campaign is going nowhere”, I remember thinking....CONTINUE READING

Manus is heading toward confrontation – we have to act

Liz Walsh The humanitarian crisis on Manus Island is galloping toward a frightening confrontation. At least 400 refugees continue to bravely resist all attempts to forcibly evict them from the prison camp. Saturday was to be D-Day. But they have been given a new deadline of Monday to move to three a...CONTINUE READING

One of the best protests in years as hundreds blockade Liberal fundraiser

Josh Lees In (actual) Armani suits and pearls they came. Struggling with the unfamiliar surrounds of Redfern, and many making the mistake of having their chauffeurs drop them off before they knew what awaited them; they looked shocked and a little lost. Cashed-up Liberals, doing their bit to boost t...CONTINUE READING

Politicians on both sides are responsible for Manus horror

Con Karavias For more than five years, refugees have been subjected to horror and abuse on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. With the government’s decision to permanently close the detention centre on 31 October, the horror has descended into absolute barbarity. Water, food and power have been cut off. M...CONTINUE READING

Adani mine takes centre stage in Queensland poll

Duncan Hart The state election on 25 November is poised to shake up Queensland politics, with neither major party likely to win a majority and One Nation polling well. After ousting the widely despised government of Campbell Newman in 2015, Labor is struggling to maintain its grip on government. Newma...CONTINUE READING

‘Parasite’ Serco to run Centrelink call centre

Liz Ross A company that has already brought misery to hundreds of thousands, including refugees and mainland prisoners, is now being given the keys to Australia’s social welfare system. The federal government has announced that some of Centrelink’s call centre functions will be outsourced to Serco....CONTINUE READING