There is nothing to celebrate about Invasion Day

Gavin Stanbrook January 26 is, and always has been, Invasion Day. It marks the day the British colonised this country and brought with them the exploitative and oppressive practices that made the British Empire so barbaric, yet so profitable. It’s an annual punch in the face for Aboriginal people, a day s...CONTINUE READING

On the Front Line against Adani

Tim Arnot, Jehiel Lomaz The ALP narrowly retained office in the recent Queensland election after saying it would veto Adani’s application for a Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan of $1 billion to construct a rail line from its port in Bowen to the Galilee Basin. Many believed that the giant Ad...CONTINUE READING

Government’s fake news on climate exposed

James Plested Australia is among the world’s worst climate criminals. Out of 35 OECD countries, Australia is second only to Estonia in emissions intensity – the amount of greenhouse gases pumped out per dollar of economic output. Yet the vast majority of Australians think that the country should play a...CONTINUE READING

‘African gangs’ hysteria is a stinking pile of racist BS

Viktoria Ivanova If we are to believe politicians and the press, Victoria is in a crime apocalypse. Headlines read: “State of fear”, “State of disorder”, “Calls for action against rioting African mobs” and “Trauma of crime lingers in wake of African gang rampage”. The federal minister for home affairs, Pet...CONTINUE READING

Profits up, wages down: happy New Year

Tom Bramble Households across Australia are feeling the squeeze while the bosses continue to rake it in. For the first time since the deep recession of the early 1990s, when unemployment topped 10 percent, most household incomes have fallen. In September, household incomes were 2 percent lower than th...CONTINUE READING

Romper stomped

Rick Kuhn With all the analytical insight of a two-minute news report, but with less artistic finesse, the new streaming series Romper Stomper hams up fascists and anarchists in contemporary Melbourne. The series opens with its fundamental premise: both fascists and anti-fascists are violent thugs....CONTINUE READING

Government goes Grinch on higher education

Con Karavias Even Christmas couldn’t keep the Liberals from attacking higher education. In the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, the government announced $2.2 billion in university funding cuts over the next two years. The cuts will take the form of a freeze in Commonwealth grants for teaching and...CONTINUE READING

Manus Island: Australia’s neo-colonial gulag

Sam Pietsch The Manus Island concentration camp is not only the culmination of Australia’s increasingly brutal treatment of refugees over many years. It also epitomises the neo-colonial relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea. Colonial powers have long favoured “offshore processing” for un...CONTINUE READING

How we won marriage equality

Louise O’Shea On 27 May 2004, then prime minister John Howard announced his intention to amend the Marriage Act to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. The act was amended the following August. Two key events had precipitated this action. One was then US president George W. Bush’s vocal s...CONTINUE READING