Australian government lashes out over East Timor spying scandal

Max Lane The Australian government has laid criminal charges against Witness K and lawyer Bernard Collaery over their exposure of the bugging of the East Timorese cabinet. The first court hearing has just been postponed until 12 September in Canberra. If the two are convicted, the maximum sentence...CONTINUE READING

Australia continues to deport asylum seekers to a country where torture is ‘routine’ and ‘systemic’

Ben Hillier The United Nations has documented widespread torture in Sri Lanka. But the Australian government continues to deport asylum seekers to danger. UN special rapporteur Ben Emmerson’s latest human rights report, released on 23 July after he visited the country last year, concludes: “Impunity i...CONTINUE READING

Australia, not Trump, is the world leader in anti-refugee crimes 

Diane Fieldes When Austria assumed the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union this month, the Economist ran a cartoon of the country’s right wing, anti-refugee chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, dreaming of a map of Australia with the words “No people smuggling” embedded in it. It illustrated...CONTINUE READING

Women get a raw deal in Australia

Emma Norton Following in the footsteps of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull in 2016 declared himself a feminist. His attendances at subsequent champagne breakfasts with society’s elite on International Women’s Day have had noticeably greater vigour. Aligned against such “feminists” are t...CONTINUE READING

Public transport should be in public hands

Robin Laycock People in the outer suburbs of Melbourne spend hours commuting every week. The average daily return trip is around 80 minutes. Nearly one user in three spends more than two hours each day on a train, bus or tram. Those using public transport have a commute time roughly double that of someo...CONTINUE READING

Gross neglect at the heart of refugee service provision

Tim Arnot Two reports released this month indicate widespread neglect and denial of basic human rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, conducted a monitoring mission in Australia’s detention centres on Manus Island in June. The mission revealed a lack of support...CONTINUE READING

The Liberal vision for Australia

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull and treasurer Scott Morrison say that their $143 billion income tax cuts will benefit us all. They are “a win for working families”, says the prime minister. They say that the cuts will put money in our pockets – at least $530 in the next financial year for those earning l...CONTINUE READING

Hanson is no friend of workers

Rebecca Barrigos Pauline Hanson calls herself an outsider who stands up for “ordinary Australians” against the elite. The “Battler Bus” she drove around during the 2017 Queensland election campaign was one expression of this. So was her recent challenge to politicians to forgo their latest pay rise and her...CONTINUE READING

Why the government is determined to deport a Tamil family from Biloela

Ben Hillier At first there is confusion. Federal Circuit Court judge Caroline Kirton takes only two minutes to uphold a decision of the Immigration Assessment Authority (IAA) not to grant a Sri Lankan Tamil family safe haven in Australia. Priya, Nades and their two infant daughters, born in Australia,...CONTINUE READING