Students taking a stand for Yes

Chris di Pasquale With some 200,000 young people in Australia between 18 and 24 not enrolled to vote when the marriage equality plebiscite was announced, the National Union of Students (NUS), along with campus student unions and Victorian Trades Hall Council, went into campaign overdrive. We ran daily stall...CONTINUE READING

Dutton calls refugee defenders, and by association the Constitution, ‘unAustralian’

Ben Hillier There is a long list of behaviours attracting the supposedly pejorative label “unAustralian”. Sydney Morning Herald columnist Tim Dick last year, after an extensive reading of Hansard, the federal parliamentary record, noted that politicians had used the phrase to describe all manner of th...CONTINUE READING

Right wing moonbats go statue crazy

Corey Oakley The perpetually frothing and indignant right have uncovered a fiendish plot to abolish history, or at bare minimum force it to get gay married. Stan Grant’s demand that the statue of Captain Cook in central Sydney be torn down sparked a flurry of outrage. “TALIBAN LEFT: PC vandals’ bid to...CONTINUE READING

One law for senators, another for refugees

Andrew Cheeseman There are lots of problems with section 44 of the Constitution. Dual citizens should have full democratic rights, including the right to be an elected federal representative. But when it comes to breaking bureaucratic rules, there is one law for politicians and very different laws for the...CONTINUE READING

Dutton moves to starve out refugees

Kaye Broadbent Australia’s minister for immigration and border protection, Peter Dutton, continues to ramp up the inhumane treatment of refugees housed in offshore concentration camps. As if the constant reports of abuse, self-harm and deaths are not evidence enough that the system is cruel, refugees on...CONTINUE READING

How the postal vote fiasco turned the marriage equality campaign around

Louise O’Shea The Yes campaign has been launched in the best way a postal survey campaign possibly could be: with a history-making mass mobilisation. More than 20,000 people, the largest demonstration for LGBTI rights in Australian history, packed into Melbourne’s CBD on 26 August to demand equal rights...CONTINUE READING

Fighting fascism after Charlottesville

Corey Oakley It took a stunning confluence of events to convince the US Republican Party leadership to denounce fascism and white supremacy. A march through the night at the University of Virginia, where white, tika torch wielding men, invoking the history of KKK lynch mobs, chanted “Blood and soil!” a...CONTINUE READING

Tear down Australia’s racist statues

Rebecca Barrigos The recent toppling of confederate statues in the US should inspire us to tear down some racist statues of our own. A statue of Lachlan Macquarie in Sydney’s Hyde Park has for years attracted rightful attention and contempt from Indigenous activists and historians. As governor of NSW, 1810...CONTINUE READING

Fight is on for marriage equality

Louise O’Shea The marriage equality campaign is facing its most important fight yet. In less than four weeks, approximately 16 million people will be asked if they support marriage rights being extended to all. It is essential that the “yes” campaign demolish the reactionary “no” side. The farcical post...CONTINUE READING