The Australian values myth

Louise O’Shea If any further proof were required that conservative politics has nothing to offer people but virulent racism and jingoism, Malcolm Turnbull and immigration minister Peter Dutton’s joint press conference on citizenship changes would have to be it. Their proposal to significantly increase t...CONTINUE READING

The rise and fall of Hazelwood

Lindsay Fitzclarence The last puff of smoke rose above Hazelwood power station’s grey stacks on 29 March; at 4.56pm the turbines were turned off for the last time. In the car park, workers assembled, talked and exchanged contact details; many, symbolically, attached their hard hats to the cyclone fence. “I fee...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull’s 457 visa fraud

Jerome Small “The coalition government – ensuring Aussie workers have priority for Aussie jobs – abolishing the 457 work visa.” You can find these words on immigration minister Peter Dutton’s website – superimposed over a picture of a giant muddy backhoe, digging dirt in some remote-looking location. T...CONTINUE READING

‘Extreme censorship’ as government revokes activist’s visa

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revoked the travel visa of leading Palestinian activist Bassem Tamimi just days after it was granted by the Australian embassy in Jordan. The stated reason for the cancellation is the possibility that “members of the public will react...CONTINUE READING

Making sense of One Nation

Tom Bramble The return of Pauline Hanson to the centre of Australian politics was one of the major developments of 2016. Although One Nation polled less than 5 percent of the Senate vote at the July federal election, it won four seats and now has a powerful position on the crossbench. One Nation’s rec...CONTINUE READING

The fight to save Saeed

Josh Lees A desperate fight is being undertaken by refugee activists around Australia to stop the government deporting a man to extreme danger. Saeed is a 60-year-old stateless refugee from a persecuted minority in Iraq, who faces imminent danger if he is returned there. The head of his village was...CONTINUE READING

Robbing the poor to give to the rich

Corey Oakley In the wake of the Trump and Brexit earthquakes, members of the political and media establishment in Australia have spent much of their time on the psychiatrist’s couch, composing agonising tweets asking why everybody hates them. A brief survey of the last two weeks should provide all the...CONTINUE READING

The right is wrong to scoff at CFMEU comparisons

Jerome Small It’s been a big week for holier-than-thou scoffing from right wing commentators. In the wake of ACTU secretary Sally McManus’ comments last week, endorsing the idea of breaking unjust laws, many people pointed out that McManus’ sentiments echoed the views of US civil rights movement icons...CONTINUE READING

Lights out: Why the free market fails

James Plested The market doesn’t work. At least, not for you and me. For years we have been told that the privatisation of the energy grid and the introduction of competition would create greater efficiency, greater choice and lower prices. It was a total scam. Privatisation has resulted in rising price...CONTINUE READING