Politicians on both sides are responsible for Manus horror

Con Karavias For more than five years, refugees have been subjected to horror and abuse on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. With the government’s decision to permanently close the detention centre on 31 October, the horror has descended into absolute barbarity. Water, food and power have been cut off. M...CONTINUE READING

Adani mine takes centre stage in Queensland poll

Duncan Hart The state election on 25 November is poised to shake up Queensland politics, with neither major party likely to win a majority and One Nation polling well. After ousting the widely despised government of Campbell Newman in 2015, Labor is struggling to maintain its grip on government. Newma...CONTINUE READING

‘Parasite’ Serco to run Centrelink call centre

Liz Ross A company that has already brought misery to hundreds of thousands, including refugees and mainland prisoners, is now being given the keys to Australia’s social welfare system. The federal government has announced that some of Centrelink’s call centre functions will be outsourced to Serco....CONTINUE READING

Between a ROC and a desperate government

Liz Ross Suddenly, newsfeeds were full of clips of federal police marching into union offices in Melbourne and Sydney. In the full glare of the media – tipped off by a staffer in employment minister Michaelia Cash’s office – the police re-emerged with computers and boxes of files. It was, as labour...CONTINUE READING

The myths of Beersheba

Vashti Kenway The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba has been cause for great patriotic celebration among the Australian political elite and the mainstream media. The Battle, a little-remembered incident in the Middle Eastern theatre of the First World War, featured the Australian Light Horse...CONTINUE READING

Fifty-five percent of Australians think there will be a war with North Korea. So where is the mass panic?

Corey Oakley According to a 9 October Essential Poll, 55 percent of Australians think it is likely or very likely that tensions between the US and North Korea will lead to war. That’s an extraordinary figure. There is only one rational reason to be in a state of anything other than total despair about...CONTINUE READING

Milo ain’t so sweet

Chris di Pasquale “I find humour in breaking taboos and laughing at things that people tell me are forbidden to joke about.” That’s Milo Yiannopoulos, media commentator and former tech editor at Breitbart, the Trump-supporting media platform at which he’s published such articles as “Birth control makes wome...CONTINUE READING

Vic government plans Docklands-style apartments to push out public housing

Steph Price Opposition is growing to the Victorian state government’s audacious plan to demolish up to 11 public housing estates and sell the land to developers. More than 150 public tenants and supporters gathered in a park at the base of the Flemington high rise estates on 15 October to celebrate an...CONTINUE READING

Labor on board the Liberals’ Trump train

Corey Oakley Belligerent denunciation of North Korea and steadfast defence of whatever latest lunacy appeared on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has become standard practice for the Australian government. That period when you wondered if a particularly insane Trump tweet threatening nuclear Armageddon migh...CONTINUE READING