Asylum seekers on Christmas Island resist internment

Victoria Martin Victoria Martin from the Refugee Rights Action Network, Western Australia, speaks to asylum seekers on Christmas Island about recent protests. A few short weeks ago, this desperate message arrived from a young woman I had been corresponding with in the family camp on Christmas Island: “It’...CONTINUE READING

Right to protest under threat in Victoria

Corey Oakley Victorian unions and activist groups have launched a campaign against proposed new laws that would make it easier for police to outlaw pickets and protests, and to arrest and jail peaceful protesters. The Victorian Trades Hall Council Executive meeting on 24 January called a rally to “defe...CONTINUE READING

The life and crimes of Scott Morrison

Kim Doyle Minister for immigration and border protection Scott Morrison – better described as minister for torture and cruelty – has, in the few short months since he took office, brought Australia’s already miserable treatment of refugees to new lows. In September, after the Coalition won governmen...CONTINUE READING

Anger and resistance on Invasion Day

Tom Bramble On 26 January, Brisbane saw its biggest Invasion Day rally for many years. More than 400, predominantly Indigenous people, came together outside Parliament House to register disgust at the celebration of racism that is Australia Day and to send the message that, no matter the oppression, I...CONTINUE READING

Forever uncompromising

Sarah Garnham Gary Foley was a rebel from a very young age. The first act of rebellion that he can remember was rearranging the curriculum at his high school. Gary and some of his mates had signed up for an agriculture class because they thought it sounded easy. He soon discovered it wasn’t all it was c...CONTINUE READING

Students prepare to take on the Liberals

Sarah Garnham Education minister Christopher Pyne wants to attack students. He has a plan to dramatically cut funding and privatise higher education. He has also made student unions a target, letting it slip late last year that he had made plans to revoke their funding. Student activists intend to confi...CONTINUE READING

Fans cry foul over crackdown

Benjamin Solah and Steven Chang The corporate media and football (soccer) officials this summer have launched a hysterical campaign against football fans. They have been especially keen to demonise independent and passionate fans of the Western Sydney Wanderers and Melbourne Victory clubs. The latest barrage of headlines...CONTINUE READING

“Why does God only speak to idiots?” – Liberal bigot’s book cops a pasting

Federal Liberal Party backbencher Cory Bernardi this summer released a painful book of tripe. The Conservative Revolution describes abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control”, and describes as “pro-death” campaigns for women’s rights. He believes being raised by a single mother cause...CONTINUE READING

Turn back Abbott, not the boats

Liz Walsh The Australian navy welcomed the New Year by trashing asylum seekers’ hopes for a better life. A boat carrying more than 40 people from the Middle East and Africa had Darwin in their sights. Entering Australian waters should have been a cause for celebration. Instead it was the beginning o...CONTINUE READING