Time to fight back against the war on young people

Eleanor Morley Declining living conditions, exorbitant university fees, the demonisation of welfare recipients and skyrocketing rental and property prices amount to a war on young people. This is not the result of a feud between baby boomers and millennials, it is a concerted attack by successive governm...CONTINUE READING

The further development of Australia's security state

Ben Hillier The man responsible for Australia’s gulag archipelago of refugee concentration camps, Peter Dutton, will now preside over a Home Affairs department incorporating the AFP, ASIO, Border Force and Immigration. Changes to the Defence Act are soon to be passed through parliament making it easie...CONTINUE READING

Is Labor about to abandon Israel?

Nick Everett A resolution expected to pass at the NSW Labor state conference in late July, urging “the next Labor government to recognise Palestine” has been touted as a dramatic shift in Labor policy by the pro-Israel Murdoch press. “Labor will formally abandon almost 40 years of explicit ideological...CONTINUE READING

From the parliament to the streets, Islamophobic abuse is a scourge

Vashti Kenway For many Muslims, abuse has become a predictable part of Australian life. A new study, commissioned by a number of universities, the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia and the Diversity Council of Australia, analysed 243 incidents reported to the Islamophobia Register betwe...CONTINUE READING

Fingers pointed wrong way in dodgy building material scandal

Claudia Raitt Construction sites across Australia are plagued by substandard materials that put lives at risk. A recent spate of incidents involving exploding glass balustrades in Melbourne and shower screens in Perth are only the latest manifestations of a longstanding problem. It’s a situation fuelled...CONTINUE READING

Greens dispute shows that politics should have primacy over process

Diane Fieldes The most recent conflict over NSW senator Lee Rhiannon’s temporary exclusion from the party room shows that differences within the Greens are being increasingly fought on the much more conservative terrain of constitutionality and process, rather than the political differences between the...CONTINUE READING

Grenfell, capitalism and the housing crisis in Australia

Louisa Bassini It’s difficult to comprehend the horror of London’s Grenfell Tower fire: the images of people screaming for help at their windows; their phone calls to loved ones as they waited to die; the accounts of children being thrown from windows – one only moments before her mother was engulfed by...CONTINUE READING

All the cardinal’s men

Tom Bramble “A fine human being … One of the greatest churchmen that Australia has seen.” That was Tony Abbott on the ABC’s Lateline in 2004 when asked his opinion of cardinal George Pell. Abbott has not been Pell’s only conservative defender. Every part of the right wing establishment has at one time...CONTINUE READING

Life inside the lockup: Indigenous women and the prison crisis

Lisa Moon The first time Vickie Roach had a serious encounter with the criminal justice system, she was 17 years old. It wasn’t the first time she’d been put in a cell, but it was the first time the charges stuck. She’d been doing sex work in Kings Cross, Sydney, for a couple of years and had develo...CONTINUE READING