‘I’m not a slave to anybody’– Aunty Adelaide’s story

Chloe Rafferty There’s no way of knowing exactly how much the state and the pastoralists enriched themselves off stolen Aboriginal wages. In Queensland alone, the estimate is half a billion dollars taken, but it’s impossible to put a number on the unpaid labour, the abuse and the suffering at the heart o...CONTINUE READING

Breaking unjust laws is a no-brainer

Tom Bramble Listen to the Coalition squeal like stuck pigs when the incoming ACTU secretary Sally McManus dares to state the bleeding obvious: unjust laws should be broken in the fight for social justice. Employment minister Michaelia Cash said that McManus’ comments were “outrageous”. Environment and...CONTINUE READING

WA Liberal Party goes from boom to bust

Nick Everett The Western Australian Liberal Party has suffered its worst electoral defeat in decades. A 16 percent swing against the Liberals resulted in at least four ministers losing their seats. With two-thirds of the vote counted, Labor is set to win around 40 seats in the 59-seat parliament, doubl...CONTINUE READING

Trevor Grant, 1951-2017

Aran Mylvaganam We have lost a friend, comrade and fighter for social justice. Trevor Grant, who died on 5 March after battling mesothelioma, was best known as an accomplished journalist. He wrote for many publications in a career spanning 40 years. A former colleague, the Herald Sun ’s John Anderson, des...CONTINUE READING

'Never had it so good', but welcome to the class war

Ben Hillier “Never had it so good”, read a 4 March headline in Melbourne’s Herald Sun . Natasha Bita, the author of the piece, noted the “Lucky Country lifestyle for working Australians”. “Even moaning Millennials are on a good wicket”, she said. There is a certain truth to all this. But there’s also...CONTINUE READING

How racism works in Australia

Diane Fieldes “Is Australia racist?” A good question, and also the title of the first show in SBS’s “Face Up to Racism” week at the end of February. The answer is a resounding yes. In addition to the original anti-Aboriginal racism, Australian racism has at various times also brutalised, impoverished an...CONTINUE READING

Four changes that would do more for free speech than watering down 18C

Steph Price While the Liberal backbenchers work themselves into a tizz over section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act , Red Flag has put together a short list of things the government could do tomorrow if it were serious about protecting free speech. Repeal secrecy laws that make it illegal for wor...CONTINUE READING

The Fair Work decision on penalty rates is class war – we have to fight back

Steph Price The Fair Work Commission decision on penalty rates will result in the biggest wage cut since the Great Depression. It is class war. Far from accepting the “business case” for the attack, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy industry workers have clogged talk back radio lines with stories ab...CONTINUE READING

We should support the Palestinians, not Israel

Kim Bullimore Arriving in Australia for a four-day diplomatic visit on Wednesday, 21 February, Benjamin Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit Australia. Netanyahu – who also held Israel’s prime ministership between 1996 and 1999 – is responsible for the ongoing illegal blockade...CONTINUE READING