What Marxists say about religious freedom

Mick Armstrong Defence of religious freedom is the war cry of No campaigners. It is a cynical attempt by the likes of Tony Abbott, John Howard, Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi to divert the debate away from the core issue of the democratic right of same sex couples to be married in a civil ceremony. Civil m...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s ‘gas crisis’ is a rort

James Plested The biggest criminals sometimes hide in plain sight. Such is the case with Australia’s gas giants – Origin, Shell and Santos – and political leaders, chief among them Malcolm Turnbull, who are facilitating the heist they’re carrying out against the Australian people. The narrative we’re be...CONTINUE READING

Thanks for the advice, but the Yes campaign is doing just fine

Corey Oakley As the pre-game entertainment was getting under way before the NRL grand final, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons was sitting next to a nervous Ian Roberts. Roberts, FitzSimons said, was “the toughest footballer ever to put on a boot”. He is also the only professional male f...CONTINUE READING

The fight against Adani continues

Jasmine Duff As the burning of coal raises atmospheric carbon dioxide to new heights and new chunks of the Earth are hacked up to extract more coal, death by air pollution is becoming another feature of capitalist society. In 2010-11, approximately 80-115,000 people were killed in India alone by pollut...CONTINUE READING
Rajeev Rajendran

Manus Island claims another young life

The death of a Tamil asylum seeker on Manus Island is further evidence that the Australian government’s refugee policy is killing people, a spokesman for the Tamil Refugee Council said on Monday. “Rajeev Rajendran was just 32 and had everything to live for. But the suffering he has endured...CONTINUE READING

Separate but unequal

Chris di Pasquale Attempting to present the case for a No vote on marriage equality on ABC’s 7:30 program recently, former Woolworths CEO Roger Corbett instead gave a rambling and at times contradictory interview in which he unwittingly exposed the deeply segregationist logic beneath the right’s defence of...CONTINUE READING

Ownership law changes spark media merger frenzy

Tom Bramble Australia has for many years had one of the most monopolised media sectors in the world. Eighty percent of newspaper circulation in the capital cities is controlled by just two companies – NewsCorp, owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Fairfax. This means that print news consumption is almost enti...CONTINUE READING

Right wing takeover of Monash Student Association

Daniel Taylor Right wing students have taken over the Monash Student Association (MSA), a bastion of the broad left for decades. In the annual MSA elections, a conservative group won a landslide victory, gaining around 60 percent of the vote for most positions. It is a decisive shift in the politics of...CONTINUE READING

It’s not OK to vote No

Louise O’Shea It must be the most uninspiring rallying cry ever dreamt up by a political strategist: “It’s OK to vote no”. The sense of hope and optimism that has defined the iconic slogans of the great political movements of the 20th century – from Whitlam’s “It’s time” to May ’68’s “All power to the i...CONTINUE READING