Abbott goes it alone at CHOGM

Trevor Grant As Tony Abbott arrived in Colombo to attend CHOGM and to pay homage to a brutal dictatorship, his leaky boat diplomacy was fast taking on water. Abbott is a desperate man, his regional foreign policy driven by a domestic political slogan. “Stop the boats” is what he lives for. Any way will...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s apartheid

John Pilger The corridors of the Australian parliament are so white you squint. The sound is hushed; the smell is floor polish. The wooden floors shine so virtuously they reflect the cartoon portraits of prime ministers and rows of Aboriginal paintings, suspended on white walls, their blood and tears...CONTINUE READING

Unity and organisation on the left

For more than a year, Socialist Alternative has been involved in discussions, including with the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) and Socialist Alliance, to advance unity on the socialist left. One positive outcome of those discussions is the unity achieved between Socialist Alternative...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism and climate crisis

A Red Flag feature looking at the links between capitalism and environmental destruction, the Australian media’s woeful record in failing to explain the science of climate change, and practical solutions to make a zero-emissions economy. Capitalism and climate crisis, by Kate Jeffreys IT’S...CONTINUE READING

Work bans hinder welfare attacks

Dean Maloney The federal government is set to expand its welfare quarantining policy. Otherwise known as “income management”, this is a scheme in which 50-70 percent of a welfare recipient’s income is quarantined on a “BasicsCard”, limiting spending to government-approved shops. It was introduced as pa...CONTINUE READING

Afghanistan: never forgive, never forget

Editors The Australian military is winding up combat operations in Afghanistan, although several hundred personnel will stay in the country working as trainers or in Afghan military units. This has been Australian imperialism’s longest overseas war. Over the course of 12 years, more than 20,000 tr...CONTINUE READING

Libs sharpen the axe

Steph Price It’s hard to think of a character better qualified for the job of axeman than Business Council of Australia president Tony Shepherd. The BCA is the powerful lobby group of Australian big business, made up of the CEOs of Australia’s top 100 companies. It’s been agitating for a “bold” progra...CONTINUE READING

Pyne’s privatisation of HECS

Rebecca Barrigos Last month, the Perth newspaper West Australian revealed that the federal government’s commission of audit will consider converting $23 billion of HECS debt into securities. Education minister Christopher Pyne said that while there is no government policy to privatise HECS, he is “keeping...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s role in NSA spying

Jo Mettam New leaks by Edward Snowden have revealed further details of Australia’s role in the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) international spying operations. Australia used the 2007 UN Climate Change conference in Indonesia to carry out a joint Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) and NSA operati...CONTINUE READING