Open for business, closed for everyone else

Editors That Tony Abbott can make himself responsible for federal oversight of women’s affairs tells you something about the “fuck you” attitude of the new Liberal government. But the door to his ministry being shut on women is only the opening salvo. If you are not rich then don’t expect much fro...CONTINUE READING

Abbott gets his shit together

Jade Eckhaus If a cabinet reflects the plans and priorities of a new government, then the Liberals have been very clear about what kind of government we should expect. Ministries devoted to homelessness, youth, workplace relations, mental health, ageing, multiculturalism, child care, science and intern...CONTINUE READING

Left campaigns against cuts in student elections

Jess Mcleod and Duncan Hart University students around the country have been voting in student union elections over the last few weeks. Socialist Alternative student clubs, in some cases in alliance with other left wing forces, have run tickets taking on the right wing student politicians, and campaigning for fightin...CONTINUE READING

John Pat and state violence

Cathy Lewis Thirty years ago, a young Aboriginal boy was beaten to death by five off-duty police in Roebourne, Western Australia. His crime had been to defend his friend, who’d been called a “black cunt” and set upon by the officers. His head was bashed in and he was left to die in a cold prison cell....CONTINUE READING

Recollections of a militant

Jerome Small and Jessica Lenehan Talking with Peter Close is a lesson in working class struggle – in Australia and around the world. As a seafarer, Peter has lived his working life, and now his (very active) retirement, building solidarity with people in every part of the planet. “I was very lucky to be afforded an excell...CONTINUE READING

Welcome to Red Flag

Subscribe to Red Flag INTRODUCTORY SUBSCRIPTION (5 ISSUES) - $10 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION (12 ISSUES) - $35 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION (24 ISSUES) - $70 Preview PDF versions of select back issues below (click to open or download) Our politics We live in a world where “political struggle” is a sulli...CONTINUE READING

No NT nuclear waste dump!

Jon Lamb and Cathy Lawless Despite clear opposition from the Aboriginal traditional owners, the push for a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station, 120 kilometres north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, continues. The campaign led by traditional owners to stop the waste dump is gearing up for the next stage...CONTINUE READING

Militant unionism can hold off Abbott

Jerome Small “Fair Work Unleashes Mob Rule – And It’s Spreading!” Every day over the past year, some hyperventilating headline writer had the job of proving that the Labor government was controlled by militant unions. Especially in the Murdoch press, claims of “mob rule”, a “staggering” level of strike...CONTINUE READING

We need free child care

Kate Jeffreys Child care in Australia is expensive and hard to find. Even when it’s available, stressed-out parents must run the gauntlet of morning traffic in the “double drop-off” – where one child attends school and another attends day care. The childcare industry itself is in crisis. According to th...CONTINUE READING