Pine Gap

They’re spying on us as well

Jo Squire Edward Snowden, the heroic whistleblower behind the revelations of mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency told journalist Glenn Greenwald that his greatest fear was not for his own safety or personal well-being. Rather, his greatest concern was that the revelations would be m...CONTINUE READING

An ongoing crisis in government

Editors When masses of people articulate their grievances by shutting down a city, social complaints can rapidly become political crises. Since the first issue of Red Flag went to print, several rebellions around the world have threatened to morph into such crises for those at the top of society....CONTINUE READING

Refugees fear deportation

Trevor Grant For newly arrived Christmas Island asylum seekers, many of whom have endured life-threatening journeys, the fear and trepidation do not end when they reach land. The fear of drowning on the high seas, dying of thirst or being eaten by sharks is nothing compared to the pre-dawn knock on the...CONTINUE READING

Things Labor should do, but won't

Tom Bramble The ALP is looking down the barrel of electoral annihilation. Labor politicians have been running around like headless chooks. Caucus discipline is shot to blazes. The symptoms of collapse are everywhere, but the diagnoses for Labor’s ills are as shallow as they are plentiful. Most common...CONTINUE READING

What will it take to revive our union movement?

Jerome Small As we lurch towards a likely Abbott landslide, Jerome Small takes stock of the union movement Despite the huffing of the conservative press, unions have made few gains under Gillard. Very little of the ground lost under Howard’s WorkChoices laws has been recovered. The biggest resources bo...CONTINUE READING
British PM David Cameron.

Why all the fawning over conservatives?

Steven Chang The passage of same-sex marriage laws in the UK and New Zealand has rightly been the cause of celebration among millions of people around the world passionate about equal rights for LGBTI people. However, the fact that these laws have recently been passed by conservative governments has al...CONTINUE READING

How can we fight the education cuts?

Sarah Garnham In response to government cutbacks to higher education announced in April, students initiated an anti-cuts campaign that on 14 May mobilised the biggest student protest in years in Melbourne, where 3000 joined the central demonstration. In Perth, 700 students protested at Curtin University...CONTINUE READING
Vivian Malo – Goonyandi woman and anti-capitalist.

Breaking with the system

Vivian Malo Dear System, It’s over; I am breaking up with you. This abusive relationship is killing me, and if I don’t leave now and salvage what is left of me there will be nothing left but a shadow, a twisted version of who I truly am. Since our relationship began, I have been constantly covered in...CONTINUE READING

The new stolen generation

Jon Lamb Indigenous communities and families are reeling under the impact of a new stolen generation, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are removed from their families in staggeringly high numbers. More than a third of the 39,600 children in “out-of-home care” nationally are Aborigi...CONTINUE READING