Climate and ecology
Greens back Labor's greenwashing
Cormac Mills Ritchard

By agreeing to pass the safeguard mechanism reforms, Labor’s signature climate policy, the Greens have helped greenwash the continued expansion of fossil fuels.

Students protest for climate action
Xavier Dupé

Hundreds of students protested across the country on Friday 17 March to demand an end to fossil fuels and taxes on the rich and big corporations to fund a shift to renewables and decarbonisation of the economy. The protests, organised by the National Union of Students, criticised the Labor government for approving major new coal and gas projects when the world needs to rapidly reduce emissions.

NSW climate activist exonerated
NSW climate activist exonerated
Lily Campbell

The draconian fifteen-month prison sentence imposed on climate activist Violet Coco has been overturned in New South Wales. 

Train crash a disaster of profit
Priya De

Ian Jeffries, CEO of the American Railroads Association, provided witness testimony to a United States Congressional hearing in early February, in which he gloated that American trains were environmentally sustainable, world-leading in safety and working conditions, with further efficiency held back by onerous government regulations. 

ALP approves more coal and gas
Ella Gutteridge

Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has approved gas exploration in the fragile Lake Eyre basin, which is home to the last large free-flowing desert river system in the world. 

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