‘Independent’ my arse

Diane Fieldes By voting for the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), Nick Xenophon and the other cross bench detritus showed us just what they are made of. The Senate voted by 36 votes to 33 to pass the bill. The ABC described the deal that allowed the government to reintro...CONTINUE READING

A letter to the minister for bigotry

Allen Myers Dear Mr Dutton, I was interested in your recent remarks about the ancestry of 33 people charged with terrorism offences. Even if some of those charged are eventually cleared (that possibility is why we have trials, after all), your figures were significant because they indicate that the fe...CONTINUE READING

Mardi Gras snubs Turnbull, a small taste of what’s deserved

Cat Rose “You’re not getting the red carpet!” It’s the fairly simple message we gave to Malcolm Turnbull by not officially inviting him to the Sydney Mardi Gras parade in 2017. Honestly, we could have delivered a more acidic statement if we wanted to, but it was the least we could do to retain some...CONTINUE READING

I’m thinking about Inayyah

Leela Yellesetty I want to tell you a story about a woman named Inayyah. I feel old, but in a good way. Seeing these young protesters in the streets brings on a rush of nostalgia but also an awareness that I no longer possess their intensity. I feel so happy and proud that they are here, the promise they r...CONTINUE READING

How Malcolm Turnbull went full Trump

James Plested On the day of the US election, as it became obvious that Donald Trump had won, a group of men at Sydney University were filmed cheering and chanting, “Grab them by the pussy, that’s how we do it!” University alumnus Malcolm Turnbull wasn’t among them, but given the enthusiasm and pride wit...CONTINUE READING

Incumbent brats spit the dummy as left wins UWA Arts Union

Emma Norton In my years at the University of Western Australia, I have seen countless aspiring politicians and résumé-stuffers pass through our student organisations. Far from representing the bulk of the student body, institutions such as the Arts Union (AU) are undisguised playgrounds of the rich an...CONTINUE READING

Seeking historical parallels

Allen Myers Why is it that, seeing Trump’s victory, I immediately thought of Grigori Rasputin? Rasputin, for those of you with short memories, was the not very holy Russian monk who had enormous influence over the tsarist family in the decade leading up to the Russian Revolution. Russian royalists, an...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s victory and the ignoble death of ‘progressive’ neoliberalism

Daniel Lopez Trump’s victory marks the defeat of “progressive” neoliberalism. The astonishment and dismay at his victory show that the basis for this defeat was laid a long time ago. It wasn’t Trump who was disconnected from reality, but the political establishment, the A-list, the media and inner city...CONTINUE READING

This election was not about sexism

Sarah Garnham Donald Trump is an unreconstructed misogynist and a threat to women’s rights. But it is outlandish to attribute the US election result to sexism. Attempts to do so are designed to excuse Clinton. Van Badham, who recently wrote a piece praising Clinton without qualification, wrote of her he...CONTINUE READING