Time to listen to the wisdom of youth

James Plested In the world of the conservative culture warriors at The Australian and other esteemed institutions of Australia’s ruling elite, there is a sharp generational divide between those who deserve the title of “adults”, and the rest of us – little children who really just need a good smack. Sin...CONTINUE READING

The lunatic right who make bankers seem sane

Corey Oakley There are a lot of things for which Andrew Bolt will one day be held to account, in this world or the next. The standout for me, though, is the remarkable job he and fellow frothy-mouth Alan Jones have done of making an investment banker seem like a reasonable guy. Malcolm Turnbull’s caree...CONTINUE READING

A political football

Roz Ward “ Contra el racismo, la represión y el fútbol negocio” “Against racism, repression and football business” – Slogan of Bukaneros, a fan group of Spanish football team Rayo Vallecano. Depending on the team you support, being a football (soccer) fan can often be a struggle. But sometimes the...CONTINUE READING

Now we know the truth about stopping the boats

Kim Doyle Until now, the Liberals’ real agenda has been strictly an “operational matter”. Abbott’s “war” on asylum seekers (his word) has portrayed a few leaky boats as one of the greatest threats the country has ever faced. It’s a “national emergency”. Immigration minister Scott Morrison is running...CONTINUE READING

When you’re as rich as Clive Palmer, playing by the rules is for schmucks

Corey Oakley Clive Palmer should be the perfect fit to play the part of a robber baron capitalist hate figure. But boggle eyed, filthy rich and barking mad as he might be, Palmer still comes across as having a lot more sense than most of the other politicians, journalists, bureaucrats and spin doctors...CONTINUE READING

Those complaining about protests are only harming their cause

Louise O’Shea Let me be clear: I wholeheartedly support the right of overpaid columnists, Liberal politicians and shock jocks to ridicule and deride protests. I respect that they have a system to defend and mates in the Business Council to worry about – good people who are doing it tough as a result of...CONTINUE READING

Don’t worry, we’re all good friends here

Josh Lees You can judge a person, so the saying goes, by the company they keep. It would be hard to assemble a more select company of crooks, low-lifes and traitors than those who gathered for Paul Howes’ wedding. Politicians, capitalists, journalists and spin doctors all hob-nobbing together at Deu...CONTINUE READING

The footy would be so much better without Sam Newman

James Vigus Following the footy can be draining as you ride the highs and lows of your team’s fortunes. But there’s one low AFL fans shouldn’t have to endure every week: Sam Newman. Every Thursday night, when thousands tune in to the Footy Show to find out the team selections for the weekend games, th...CONTINUE READING

How about we try a bit of honest straight talk?

Kate Jeffreys The tool we use to think, write and talk about society – language – is contested. In Death Sentence , his polemic against corporate and bureaucratic language, former political speechwriter Don Watson lamented the decay of political and corporate language into impenetrable sludge. “All kind...CONTINUE READING