What the energy ‘debate’ can teach us about economics

Allen Myers If, like me, you’ve forced yourself to read the accounts of the energy “debate” between the parliamentary parties and between the federal and state governments, you might have noticed something: virtually all of the discussion revolves around whether any particular measure, or the discussi...CONTINUE READING

Why won’t Buddhist leaders condemn terrorism?

Diane Fieldes Terrorist atrocities are taking place as I write this, on an almost unimaginable scale. Houses have been destroyed and civilians (including children) have been burned alive, tortured and even beheaded. The BBC has reported seeing a death squad of thuggish perpetrators, brandishing swords,...CONTINUE READING

Councils are right to ditch Australia Day

Vashti Kenway The decision by two Melbourne councils to stop referring to 26 January as Australia Day and to replace their usual citizenship ceremony with an event to mark the “loss of Indigenous culture” has prompted a swift conservative backlash. Representatives of the council declared the day to be o...CONTINUE READING

On the socialist path with Bolshevik Bill

Daniel Taylor When do you begin to pity a Liberal government? When it has to ask the High Court whether it exists at all? Or when its last argument in its own favour is that if Bill Shorten takes over, he will establish a communist dictatorship based on absolute equality enforced with brutal violence? T...CONTINUE READING

Section 44: what’s not to like?

Louise O’Shea Until very recently, section 44 of the Constitution just seemed like any other archaic anti-democratic measure designed to ensure that only the most respectable and patriotic among the bourgeoisie ever made it into parliament. But now that this quiet achieving piece of constitutional law l...CONTINUE READING

The heroism of Héritier Lumumba

Sarah Garnham “I arrived at this football club in 2004 as an 18-year-old from Perth with the name Harry O’Brien. And now in 2014, we find ourselves in a very interesting time, not only for this football club but for this whole world. The landscape is changing. And I know that if the Collingwood Football...CONTINUE READING

Charlottesville was not a ‘protest turned violent’; it was a planned race riot

Zenobia Jeffries In July of last year, after the New York Post ran the headline, “CIVIL WAR: Four cops killed at anti-police protest”, I wrote the column “How we report on structural racism can hurt us – or heal us”. I could have easily written the same article today. That column recalled the Kerner Report...CONTINUE READING

Gladys Berejiklian makes us uncomfortable

Simpson Bulliman NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian in early August commented that the sight of Sydney’s homeless camping out in Martin Place made her feel “completely uncomfortable”. It’s only right that Berejiklian feel discomfort after the many things the NSW government has done during her short reign to ma...CONTINUE READING

McMahon moments and Australian media

Allen Myers Liberal treasurer, later prime minister, William McMahon was admired for his apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of the Australian economy, being able to quote pages of statistics on the spur of the moment during debates in parliament. Only years later was it revealed that McMahon simply ma...CONTINUE READING