Middle East
Remembering Rachel Corrie
Owen Marsden-Redford

Rachel Corrie, an American Palestine-solidarity activist, was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer twenty years ago this month. She was murdered by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) while attempting to defend a Palestinian home from demolition in Rafah, a city in the blockaded Gaza Strip. Samir Nazrallah, whose home Corrie was trying to protect, told Al-Monitor: “I was watching what was happening through a hole in the house’s wall. I remember that the driver pulled out the soil from under Rachel’s feet, which made her lose balance, and then, when she fell, he ran over her”.

Israel relies on settler violence
Ahmed Abu Artema

Bezalel Smotrich is one of the main pillars in the current Israeli government. Although generally described as the finance minister, his work is not confined to curbing inflation.

‘Women, Life, Freedom’ revolt continues
Iran revolt continues
Bella Beiraghi

“Basij guards, you are our Daesh!”, chanted parents outside an Education Ministry building in western Tehran on 4 March, likening Iran’s security forces to the Islamic State.

Iraq protests 20 year anniversary
James Plested

Twenty years ago, on the weekend of 15-16 February 2003, the biggest global protest event in history took place. Around the world, an estimated 12 to 14 million people took to the streets, aiming to stop the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Remembering the Egyptian revolution

Red Flag's Simone White speaks to Hossam el-Hamalawy—an Egyptian journalist, blogger and member of the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists—about events that led to the 2011 Egyptian revolution, his radicalisation as a student in Egypt, and key lessons from the Egyptian revolution and counter-revolution.

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