Thousands of asylum seekers to be stripped of income

Tim Arnot Thousands of asylum seekers on bridging visas are being forced off the meagre assistance provided by the government and told to “support themselves”. The Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS), which provides a small allowance and casework, residence and counselling support to 12,500 asylum seekers, is being slashed by Peter Dutton’s Home Affairs Department. Individuals on the SRSS receive 89 percent of t...CONTINUE READING

NT work for the dole program robbing Indigenous workers

Gavin Stanbrook The federal government’s Community Development Program (CDP), a “work for the dole” program in the Northern Territory, has in less than three years proven to be a racist con-job. CDP was promoted as an initiative to support long term unemployed. But since July 2015, employment providers have fined and sanctioned the majority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce more than 400,000 times. With the n...CONTINUE READING

Marxism conference kicks off in Melbourne

Tom Bramble The 2018 Marxism conference kicked off in Melbourne tonight. More than four hundred people packed into the Collingwood Town Hall to hear a panel of activists and socialists talk about “Fifty years since 1968: Rebuilding global resistance to capitalism”. Gavin Stanbrook, Indigenous activist and member of Socialist Alternative, opened things up by outlining the acute oppression faced by Indigenous people in A...CONTINUE READING

Public housing residents demand their rights

Residents of Fitzroy’s Atherton Gardens public housing estate in Melbourne rallied, marched and occupied the local office of the Housing Department on Brunswick Street on 16 March. The rally was organised by the Atherton Gardens Resident Association (AGRA) and was also attended by supporters of public housing, including members of the new electoral alliance, Victorian Socialists. Residents are angry that th...CONTINUE READING

Anger as Sydney buses face privatisation

Maddie Powell The number of state-run public bus regions in New South Wales is set to reduce to just three in July, following transport minister Andrew Constance’s announcement that inner west bus services will be sold to Transit Systems. He boasted that the news marked “a great day for people who travel by bus”. Constance should tell that to the 1,200 State Transit Authority drivers whose jobs, according to the Sydney M...CONTINUE READING

Evictions rise, yet Vic government sells public housing

Dino Varrasso The number of evictions in Victoria has risen dramatically in the past four years – from almost 18,000 in 2012 to more than 43,000 in the 2016-17 financial year. The reason is straightforward: as banks and property developers make astronomical profits from skyrocketing housing prices and rents, Victorians are being priced out of the housing market. Average wages increased 75 percent between 2001 and 2016. B...CONTINUE READING

End of an era as last public housing tenant evicted from Sydney’s Sirius building

Eleanor Morley Last month the lights were finally switched off for Myra Demetriou, the last remaining resident of inner-city Sydney’s Sirius building. Sirius was once home to more than 100 residents in 79 units, but now the last remnants of affordable public housing in the city are to be sold to developers. In 2014, then premier Mike Baird announced the impending closure of the building – an iconic brutalist complex perch...CONTINUE READING

Manus refugees still suffering

Reeshan Zakiyya Behrouz Boochani, a journalist and detainee in Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island detention centre, says the conditions for refugees are worse than ever. Last year, the men were beaten with iron bars and bussed to three newly constructed detention camps in the eastern part of Lorengau, the main town on the island. Four hundred people were squeezed into facilities with a capacity of 280. For two nights, 57 men...CONTINUE READING

‘A deadly day’ in Melbourne as tide turns on Invasion Day

Viktoria Ivanova The tide has turned. January 26 is becoming established as Invasion Day. Tens of thousands marched in Melbourne, 15,000 in Sydney and up to 10,000 in Brisbane to support Indigenous rights. “Let’s have a deadly day!”, Wurundjeri man Bill Nicholson said, ending his welcome to country and kicking off the rally in Melbourne. “I haven’t seen a crowd like this since the 1970s”, said Gary Foley. The turnout was a...CONTINUE READING