Palestinians stand up to Israel’s attempt to control Al-Aqsa

James Crafti Deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli “defence” forces are all too frequent. Israeli soldiers continue to murder Palestinians (including non-violent resistance activists) with impunity. Any attempt to fight back on the part of the occupied Palestinian population is dealt with swiftly, severely and collectively by the Israeli state. In the wake of a Palestinian attack on two Israeli police officers,...CONTINUE READING

Protesters confront homophobic Tele

April Holcombe Cries of “Shame, Murdoch, Shame!” could be heard at lunchtime outside the Daily Telegraph offices. A large rainbow was chalked on the pavement around the entrance. On 12 July, the Sydney newspaper had published infographics on its front page about a new “health crisis” for young people, referencing rates of drug use and obesity. Another sign of sickness, according to the Tele ? That 17 percent of young peop...CONTINUE READING

Murder of unarmed man confirms Sri Lanka still not safe for Tamils

The murder of Yogarasa Thines at the hands of Sri Lankan police on 9 July shows that Tamils are still not safe in their country, says the Tamil Refugee Council. Thines, aged in his 20s, was shot several times by officers in Vadamaradchi East, in the Jaffna district of the country’s Northern Province, which is majority Tamil. He reportedly had been hitchhiking home from a Hindu temple. Sri Lankan prime minis...CONTINUE READING

Huge demonstration in London says the Tories must go

A great wave of defiance against Theresa May’s government swept through central London on 1 July. Tens of thousands of people marched who are angry at austerity, racism and pay curbs. The Grenfell Tower fire was seen by many as the symbol of all that is wrong with a society that puts profit before people’s lives. And there was universal fury at the grubby deal with the bigots of the Democratic Unionist Part...CONTINUE READING

Think your way out of poverty? Yeah, right

Jess Lenehan EMpath, a self-described “high-performing and innovative organisation” based in the US, offers a “metric-based, mentor-led, incentivised program” that “takes a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to fostering economic mobility”. Poverty, they reckon, is all in your head. In the poor, they say, “the prefrontal brain can get swamped and the wave of emotion can drown out clear focus and judgment”. This is a...CONTINUE READING

Wollongong students beat back Young Liberal prats

Chloe Rafferty For the last year and a half, the Young Liberals currently holding the presidency of the Wollongong Undergraduate Students Association (WUSA) have used the position to proclaim whatever right wing thing pops into their head – from celebrating the queen (“long may she reign”), to posing with Bibles and baby Jesus on the union’s Facebook page, to meeting up with Liberal education minister Simon Birmingham to...CONTINUE READING

High school student cops detention for attending May Day march

Angelica Fernandez Jesse, a 16-year-old high school student, attended the May Day rally in Sydney, held on Sunday, 7 May. It was his first May Day march. “I heard a lot of fuss about it on Twitter from Americans, and all over the world. The May Day march was really exciting!”, he said. However, administrators at Jesse’s school didn’t agree, handing him a Saturday detention as punishment for his attendance at the annual march...CONTINUE READING

Workers find a voice on community radio

Kaye Broome From an old terrace building in Collingwood, 3CR broadcasters present more than 120 radio shows a week. The community radio station was established in 1976 to give a voice to those too often locked out of the mainstream media. Today, it broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the same goal. Stick Together is one of the shows recorded in Melbourne each week and broadcast nationally though the commu...CONTINUE READING

Millers Point still won’t surrender

Diane Fieldes A crowd of trade unionists, local residents and other activists gathered outside 32 High Street, Millers Point, this morning determined to stop the NSW sheriff from forcibly evicting Peter Muller from public housing. Three years into the fight, the government has finally moved to eviction, having already forced many of the tenants out through intimidation, refusal to repair their housing, threats and a long...CONTINUE READING