Beeliar Wetlands defenders protest to stop tollway

Nick Everett In 1984, a group fewer than 100 in number linked arms and fought a pitched battle against developers and the Melville and Cockburn councils to stop a road being carved through one of Perth’s last remaining wetlands. Beeliar Wetlands, nestled between Kwinana Freeway and North Lake Road, has a special significance for Noongar people where, for hundreds of generations, Aboriginal women birthed their babies. It...CONTINUE READING

War criminals should not be welcome in Australia

Damian Ridgwell The Australian government is rolling out the red carpet for Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned visit this month. Julie Bishop, who visited Israel late last year, said she wanted to “reaffirm our absolute enduring commitment to the state of Israel and our friendship”. This is the latest in an appalling history of Australian government support for the brutal policies of Netanyahu and the Isra...CONTINUE READING

Criminalising homelessness in Melbourne

Jess Lenehan Victoria Police and the Herald Sun have demanded changes in city by-laws, which would further reduce the rights of homeless people. On Tuesday night, they got them. Melbourne City councillors voted to allow police to confiscate, sell or destroy unattended property. Camping is already illegal in the city, but its definition has been broadened to encompass any rough sleeper. The message is clear – homeless pe...CONTINUE READING

NSW premier appoints ‘pro-lifer’ to women’s portfolio

Chloe Rafferty With Donald Trump ’s attack on abortion rights sweeping the US – including the withdrawal of international aid money from organisations that discuss abortion access and looming executive orders that are rumoured to allow companies in the US to discriminate against women who have an abortion – 1950s-style open misogyny is back on the agenda for the ruling class. In NSW, new premier Gladys Berejiklian has app...CONTINUE READING

Melbourne protest calls for ‘global resistance’ to Trump

Steph Price and Reeshan Zakiyya Melbourne on Friday night joined the global protests against US president Donald Trump’s anti-immigration executive decree. More than 1,000 people marched through the city chanting, “No ban, no way – immigrants are here to stay!” and, “From Palestine to Mexico, border walls have got to go!” As the crowd snaked through the streets, dozens and dozens of homemade placards bobbed above the march. “I made it jus...CONTINUE READING

Protest erupts against ‘road to nowhere’ in Perth’s southern suburbs

Nick Everett One thousand Perth residents defied police intimidation to prevent bulldozing of woodland in the Perth suburb of Coolbellup on the morning of 12 January. The protesters overturned fences and surrounded blockaded machinery as Rethink Perth Freight Link community alliance stepped up efforts to prevent the extension of the Roe Highway through the Beeliar Wetlands. Roe 8 is the first stage of the Liberal WA sta...CONTINUE READING

Refugee solidarity action blocks traffic

Liam Ward Sudanese refugee Faysal Ahmed died on Christmas Eve at the age of 27. Responsibility for his death lies at the feet of the Australian government, which had detained him in a concentration camp on Manus Island for more than three years, and the jailers in that camp who ignored his repeated requests for medical attention. Refugee rights activists gathered on Melbourne’s Princes Bridge on 3 January to hold a c...CONTINUE READING

Queensland ALP attacks civil liberties

Duncan Hart The Queensland Labor government has betrayed those who hoped that Campbell Newman’s oppressive Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment (VLAD) laws would be scrapped. Instead, Labor has decided to retain them for another two years, and implemented sweeping new powers for the police and courts with the Serious and Organised Crime Amendment Act . The Newman government introduced the VLAD laws in 2013. The...CONTINUE READING

New campaign group fights privatisation of public housing

Howard Marosi The Victorian state government has signalled its intention to privatise much of our public housing, by giving it to the private sector – also known as “social”, “community” or “affordable” housing. This part of the housing sector is run by churches, charities and corporations. Public housing tenants and the homeless want to stay in public housing. Rents are set at 25 percent of income, they have security of...CONTINUE READING