Protesting Sydney University’s Ramsay Centre 

Maddie Powell It’s a sunny afternoon on Sydney University’s picturesque campus. The quadrangle clock tower casts a shadow over dozens of lifeless, blood-soaked bodies. These are students who this month took a stand against our university’s ongoing negotiations with far right think-tank the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. In the tradition of anti-war activists of days gone by, we have doused ourselves in red paint...CONTINUE READING

Sydney trains going nowhere

Diane Fieldes Beleaguered Sydney train travellers have learnt a new phrase this month – “cascading anomalies”. When IT failures triggered an unprecedented collapse in the rail network’s computer systems on 16 August, including those that locate trains on the network, coordinate the rostering systems and provide information to passengers, it created a perfect storm. The network was crippled, leaving tens of thousands of f...CONTINUE READING

Paedophile protector Peter Hollingworth’s $350,000 annual pension

Priya De Peter Hollingworth, when serving as archbishop of Brisbane in the 1990s, repeatedly failed to discipline child sexual abusers in churches and schools. In one example, the paedophile John Elliott remained a priest at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Sunnybank until retirement – despite both Elliott and one young victim revealing systematic and persistent abuse to Hollingworth personally. Referring to the Ellio...CONTINUE READING

A fight for abortion rights in Queensland

Priya De Queensland Labor has proposed a bill, to be moved in October, that will remove abortion from the criminal code. The 1899 legislation in effect today contains penalties of seven years, 14 years or even life imprisonment for women who unlawfully terminate pregnancies and for people who assist them in doing so. Women can legally terminate pregnancies only if their life is deemed in danger. Most abortion provid...CONTINUE READING

Waste dump bribery in SA

Jack Crawford The federal government is desperate to dump nuclear waste in South Australia. A campaign of bribery led by Liberal resources minister and pro-Adani crusader Matt Canavan is under way to find a location. The campaign has divided the two prospective towns, Kimba and Hawker. Hawker is an old railway town in the Flinders Ranges, and Kimba an outpost on the Eyre Peninsula. Both have suffered long-term economic d...CONTINUE READING

Violent racist attack at University of Newcastle 

Lily Campbell On the evening of Saturday 4 August, 21-year-old Pakistani international student Abdullah Qaiser was driving to the University of Newcastle library to finish an assignment. On his way, he was approached by a group of eight men and one woman. The group stepped out in front of the car, in the middle of the road. They began to hurl racist abuse. “Terrorist!”, “Go back to your f**cking country, you don’t belong...CONTINUE READING

Solidarity with Bangladeshi student protesters

Athulya Jancy Benny Bangladeshi students in Melbourne organised a protest on 8 August in solidarity with student protesters demanding justice for political prisoners in Bangladesh. Shahidul Alam, renowned photographer and an adjunct professor at RMIT, was among those arrested in Bangladesh for supporting the protests, which began after two students were killed by a speeding bus. Alam was dragged from his home by a squad of und...CONTINUE READING

Rent increases in Northern Territory public housing create financial stress

Kaye Broadbent Waiting lists for public housing are increasing nationally, and the stock of housing has dropped in the past 15 years. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 190,000 households nationally are on public housing waiting lists. With many households juggling paying bills, rent and food, the Northern Territory government recently announced it would increase public housing rents. From Octobe...CONTINUE READING

The fight against Adani continues

Jehiel Lomaz Adani claims to have secured finance for its Carmichael coal mine project in north Queensland. In an interview with the Economic Times, Karan Adani, CEO of Adani Group’s port subsidiary, announced that the multinational conglomerate has “completed the financing of the mine”. He also said the company is “closing on the financing of the rail part”, referring to a proposed rail line linking the mine to Abbot P...CONTINUE READING