Future frigates no win for workers

Angus Clarke, Maddy Edhouse Socialists have condemned the militarisation of South Australia, the so-called defence state, at the annual National Union of Students Education Conference, held in Adelaide from 2 to 5 July. We argued that the left should oppose the $35 billion contract between the federal government and British defence company BAE Systems to build nine Hunter Class naval frigates. Student members of the Labor Party, refle...CONTINUE READING

Shameful inaction on contaminated water in NT communities

Kaye Broadbent In his introduction to the 2018 “Closing the Gap” report, Malcolm Turnbull wrote that the government would “recommit and renew our collective efforts and focus on improving outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people”. It seems he does not consider the Northern Territory towns of Laramba, Willowra and Wilora worthy of this effort or focus. The NT government’s own water provider, Power and Wate...CONTINUE READING

Peter Carter, 1957-2018

It was very sad news to hear of the death, after many years of ill health, of the long term socialist activist Peter Carter. Peter was a dedicated and determined working class militant. I first met him more than 30 years ago, back in the 1980s, when I helped recruit him to the International Socialists. Peter was a delegate for the Federated Clerks Union (FCU), now part of the Australian Services Union, at t...CONTINUE READING

Tony Jones is wrong, Tony Abbott is definitely a racist 

Lily Campbell On a recent episode of the ABC’s Q&A program, I was picked from the audience to ask about the Ramsay Centre’s attempts to partner with an Australian university to offer a degree promoting Western civilisation. My question, directed at Sydney University vice-chancellor Michael Spence, related to the centre’s extreme ideological bias. I quoted Ramsay Centre board member and former prime minister, Tony Abbott,...CONTINUE READING

150,000 young Australians providing unpaid care

Carl Jackson New data from the 2016 census reveal that more than 150,000 Australians aged 18-24, or 5.6 percent of that age group, provide unpaid care for a disabled, sick or frail family member or friend, up from 5.0 percent in 2006. This is a disgrace, not only because their vital labour is unpaid, but because of the impact it has on the lives of the young carers and those requiring care. Professional care should be a...CONTINUE READING

Murdoch press takes aim at welfare recipients

Louise O’Shea While the Turnbull government plays Santa to the big end of town, the Murdoch press has launched a new campaign to vilify the poorest people in Australian society: welfare recipients. Teaming up with their buddies at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a consultancy firm with a wealth of experience assisting bosses to condemn workers to welfare dependency, Melbourne’s Herald Sun has cooked up sensationalist statistics...CONTINUE READING

Hundreds stand against fascism in Melbourne

Michael Roberts Ah, the fash. They just never learn. They’re repeatedly told that they’ll always lose in Melbourne, yet every so often they insist on raising their heads. Sunday 24 June was the latest occasion. And yet again they lost. The “Aussie Pride Flag March”, organised by far right group True Blue Crew, attracted about 70 people to the Carlton Gardens at midday. Heavily guarded by Victoria Police, they intended to w...CONTINUE READING

Students protest against UQ taking dirty Dow money

Elizabeth Flaherty University of Queensland students have protested against a proposed building funded by, and named after, Dow Chemicals CEO and UQ alumnus Andrew Liveris. Dow Chemicals produced Agent Orange, a defoliant, and napalm. Between 1961 and 1971, the US military sprayed 45 million litres of Agent Orange across Vietnam, poisoning waterways, rice paddies and forests and exposing between 2 and 5 million people to toxi...CONTINUE READING

NSW, the police state

Christopher Anderton Police in New South Wales have been given increased powers to ban or disperse rallies or public meetings anywhere on crown land – which includes most town squares, roads and community halls. Under the Liberal government’s updated crown land management regulation, individuals can be fined up to $11,000 or be arrested for “taking part in any gathering, meeting or assembly” once they have been told not to. In...CONTINUE READING