Linfox workers stand against intimidation

Steph Price Workers at a Coles distribution centre in the Melbourne suburb of Truganina have protested against abuse and intimidation in their workplace. Around 200 gathered outside the site – operated for Coles by Linfox – at lunchtime on Wednesday 16 October. They chanted, “If we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace!” and spoke of the noxious culture that exists inside the gate. “When your pick rate is down,...CONTINUE READING

Community workers defeat bosses’ ballot

Adam Bottomley Community mental health workers at Mind Australia for a second time have voted to reject management’s proposed EBA. The agreement would have stolen RDOs from hundreds of full time workers and cut penalty rates for late shift workers. Mind Australia is one of the largest organisations in the social and community services sector. Negotiations for a new agreement have been going on for 18 months. This is the f...CONTINUE READING

‘Zoe’s law’ a threat to women’s rights

Ridah Hassan For the first time in Australia, a bill is under consideration that will grant legal personhood status to foetuses. The Crimes Amendment Act 2013 (also known as Zoe’s law no. 2), currently before the NSW parliament, takes its name from the story of Brodie Donegan, who was 32 weeks pregnant when a drug-affected driver ran into her, causing the death of her unborn daughter Zoe. Brodie and her partner Nick, wh...CONTINUE READING

Bosses are like slave owners: study

Kim Doyle Bosses claim that scientific management practices are a product of “progress” and innovation. But a recent study by Caitlin Rosenthal from the Harvard Business School has found a connection between modern management techniques and the practices of slave owners. While researching the history of business practices in the US, Rosenthal found that Southern slave owners often used more sophisticated methods to m...CONTINUE READING

Sydney University implicated in police violence

Anna Robinson Leaked documents have revealed collusion between the University of Sydney and local police during recent strikes. The information directly implicates the University in the heavy-handed police response at picket lines during the industrial dispute with staff. Numerous incidents of police violence were reported. A number of injuries were sustained by staff, and students who supported their campaign. Vice-chan...CONTINUE READING

Solidarity with Iranian hunger strikers

On 16 October representatives of unions, community groups and left wing political organisations gathered at Casselton Place in Melbourne to show support for five Iranians who have been camped there on hunger strike for five weeks. The hunger strikers are attempting to draw attention to the massacre of Iranian refugees at Camp Ashraf in Iraq, carried out by the Iraqi military, likely at the behest of the Ira...CONTINUE READING

Performance pay by another name

Manolya Moustafa and Severin Karantonis The Victorian Liberal government’s attack on teaching did not end with May’s rotten EBA agreement. Not content with eroding job security for teachers declared “in excess”, maintaining insecurity for contract teachers and a lousy pay deal, the Napthine government is now trying to introduce tighter performance assessments to steal a portion of teachers’ wages. The performance assessment cycle allows teachers...CONTINUE READING

Picket kicks an early goal against toll road

Thomas Tymms “Mr. Napthine, I’m not moving! I was born here. I will die here, in Collingwood!”, vowed Keith Fitzgerald, standing in front of a rally of 300. Protesters gathered in Fitzroy on a rainy Sunday morning 13 October to oppose the monstrous $8 billion East-West Link that threatens to scar Melbourne’s inner north. Keith is one of around 250 residents who have received notice that their homes may be compulsorily a...CONTINUE READING

Bosses set sights on penalty rates

Carl Jackson Steeled by the election of the Abbott government, peak bodies representing bosses in the retail, hospitality and beauty industries have moved into attack mode. The National Retailers Association and the Hair and Beauty Industry Association have led the way with a successful application to the Fair Work Commission, which will allow employers to replace public holiday penalty rates with time in lieu. Currentl...CONTINUE READING