Sirius building brings Green Bans back to the Rocks

Christopher Anderton Two worlds collide in the Rocks. One, accessible mainly to the rich, is expanding: the world of boutique stores, world class restaurants and luxury hotels. The other, the residential world where the workers who made Sydney city once lived, is dying a slow death at the hands of developers and politicians, all in the name of “progress”. The Sirius building is the latest to be put on the chopping block, with t...CONTINUE READING

Hundreds at Socialist Alternative’s union conference

Kath Larkin More than 250 people attended Socialist Alternative’s Union Activism and History Conference, held at the Victorian Trades Hall on Saturday, 15 October. Union delegates and activists present were drawn from a variety of industries including transport, the public service, logistics, construction, health care and education. It was a fantastic day of discussion and debate about the history and politics of union...CONTINUE READING

Treatment of refugees is ‘deliberate torture’ – Amnesty

Jess Lenehan The extreme cruelty endured by refugees on Nauru is not the result of a few sadistic guards; it is a deliberate government policy, according to Amnesty International. Islands of despair , the latest report from the organisation, describes conditions in the camp. Jalil* fled religious persecution in Iran. He spoke to Amnesty about the psychological torture inflicted by the government: “Immigration has been p...CONTINUE READING

Labor students deal in Tories

Lily Campbell Student union elections at the University of Sydney have again exposed the dodgy dealings of the ALP. Student Labor factions, from behind a thin facade of identity politics and social democratic rhetoric, have elected two Liberals to paid union positions in order to secure jobs for themselves. This comes after running a campaign with the Liberals in order to get a Labor “left” presidential candidate elected...CONTINUE READING

Student representation under attack at Griffith University

Kim Collett Since 2014, the Liberal government has struggled to implement its dream of deregulated universities in Australia, a measure that would push the burden of education costs on to students and allow vice-chancellors to charge whatever they like for degrees. A student campaign organised by the National Union of Students brought public attention to the issue and solidified Senate opposition to the attack. Since t...CONTINUE READING

Refugees protest

Asylum seeker families in the RPC3 compound and refugees in the adjacent Anijue camp on Nauru began protesting on Palm Sunday. October 5 marked the 200th consecutive day. Since the federal Labor government re-opened the concentration camp in 2012, along with another on Papua Guinea’s Manus Island, the asylum seekers sent here have been subject to violence, psychological torture, rape, intimidation and coerc...CONTINUE READING

Fight to stop WestConnex escalates

April Holcombe It’s clear from a quick glance that this blockade means business: dozens of tents, a rolling roster of volunteers for all hours of the day, a huge spread of fresh fruit and tinned everything. The campers are angry locals and community activists fighting to keep Sydney Park off the hit list of the widely hated WestConnex project. WestConnex is the latest freebie from the New South Wales Liberal government to...CONTINUE READING

A win for left at Monash Uni

Tess Dimos The radical left has won a big victory in student union elections at Monash University. The Left Action ticket won all the positions it contested – two positions in the Environment and Social Justice office, one seat on the Monash student council and two delegates to the National Union of Students. With Left Action having held the Environment and Social Justice office in 2016, Monash has become one of the m...CONTINUE READING

Pensioners left to rot

Darren Roso One-third of pensioners are left to rot in poverty, a new study into the age pension has found. Nearly 1 million pensioners are in economic hardship. “The pollies want pensioners to fall into a pine box at 70, but they’re on great pensions”, a participant in the study said. Pensioners shared their experiences of deprivation in the report, The adequacy of the age pension in Australia . It shows that payments...CONTINUE READING