The millionaires paying no tax 

Viktoria Ivanova Out of 12,706 taxpayers with an income of more than $1 million, 62 paid zero income tax in the 2015-16 financial year, an increase of 30 percent from the previous year. The data, provided by the Australian Taxation Office, reveal that the majority claimed to have taxable incomes under $6,001. Three claimed between $6,001 and $18,200. All were below the tax-free threshold, and all avoided the Medicare levy....CONTINUE READING

Students stand with Palestine

Eleanor Morley Students have raised the Palestinian flag on university campuses across New South Wales in protest against the murder of 40 peaceful protesters in Gaza over the past two months. Rallies at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales gathered students in solidarity with those fighting for their lives in Palestine. “The resistance of the Palestinian people has never been quelled by arrests or r...CONTINUE READING

Working class migrant families take a hit 

Reeshan Zakiyya Working class migrants will find it harder to reunite with family and to support elderly relatives after changes passed in the 2016 and 2017 federal budgets come into effect. To prove that they can financially support family members, migrants’ incomes must be double the previous requirement. From 1 April, the changes to the Assurance of Support Scheme mandate that a single person must earn $86,606 a year, a...CONTINUE READING

Left versus right battle for NSW Greens seat

Sarah Garnham The contest between David Shoebridge and Jeremy Buckingham for the lead position on the Greens NSW Legislative Council ticket is a clear left versus right battle. The two candidates have very different approaches to the parliamentary position and to society more generally. Shoebridge is a bona fide left wing activist. He regularly speaks at demonstrations and uses these platforms to point to the systematic...CONTINUE READING

UQ accepts dirty money from DOW Chemical chief

Tim Heffernan University of Queensland vice-chancellor Peter Høj has announced plans to establish a new chemical engineering building named after the CEO and chairman of Dow Chemical, Andrew Liveris. The “Andrew N. Liveris Building” and “Liveris Academy” will be funded, in Høj’s words, through a “historic gift” of $40 million from Liveris and his wife. This might seem like business as usual at UQ – just another rich pers...CONTINUE READING

Thousands of asylum seekers to be stripped of income

Tim Arnot Thousands of asylum seekers on bridging visas are being forced off the meagre assistance provided by the government and told to “support themselves”. The Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS), which provides a small allowance and casework, residence and counselling support to 12,500 asylum seekers, is being slashed by Peter Dutton’s Home Affairs Department. Individuals on the SRSS receive 89 percent of t...CONTINUE READING

NT work for the dole program robbing Indigenous workers

Gavin Stanbrook The federal government’s Community Development Program (CDP), a “work for the dole” program in the Northern Territory, has in less than three years proven to be a racist con-job. CDP was promoted as an initiative to support long term unemployed. But since July 2015, employment providers have fined and sanctioned the majority Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce more than 400,000 times. With the n...CONTINUE READING

Marxism conference kicks off in Melbourne

Tom Bramble The 2018 Marxism conference kicked off in Melbourne tonight. More than four hundred people packed into the Collingwood Town Hall to hear a panel of activists and socialists talk about “Fifty years since 1968: Rebuilding global resistance to capitalism”. Gavin Stanbrook, Indigenous activist and member of Socialist Alternative, opened things up by outlining the acute oppression faced by Indigenous people in A...CONTINUE READING

Public housing residents demand their rights

Residents of Fitzroy’s Atherton Gardens public housing estate in Melbourne rallied, marched and occupied the local office of the Housing Department on Brunswick Street on 16 March. The rally was organised by the Atherton Gardens Resident Association (AGRA) and was also attended by supporters of public housing, including members of the new electoral alliance, Victorian Socialists. Residents are angry that th...CONTINUE READING