Incomes flat or falling for two-thirds of households in advanced economies

Jess Lenehan New research from the McKinsey Global Institute has found that, in the last 10 years, wages have fallen or stagnated for nearly 70 percent of people in developed countries. If the trends continue, around half a billion people will grow up to be poorer than their parents. In some countries, welfare payments and tax cuts have partly offset the impact of falling wages. Yet a quarter of households have only the...CONTINUE READING

Murder of Muslim relegated to page 18, next to the cheap beer ad

Ridah Hassan Adam Abu-Mahmoud passed away in Liverpool Hospital on 18 July after he was chased and repeatedly stabbed by a group of teenagers in Sydney’s south-west. The paramedics arrived to find Adam bleeding in the arms of his father, with the knife still lodged in his back. Had this been a white teenager attacked by a group of Muslim or Arab men, the mainstream media would have burst into life to mourn the (white) l...CONTINUE READING

‘Pauline Hanson don’t you dare, Muslims welcome everywhere!’

Omar Hassan The chants of anti-racist protesters rang through the streets of Sydney on 18 July, as activists gathered to protest Pauline Hanson, who was appearing on the ABC’s Q&A . The action was called in response to the network’s decision to invite her onto prime time television to spread her bigoted opinions across the country. Around 200 activists braved the cold winter night, hearing from a range of Arab, Muslim,...CONTINUE READING

Cessnock council votes for mosque at Buchanan

Kerry Ver Despite a long campaign of racist vilification and threats encouraging fear and hate against a planned mosque at Buchanan, New South Wales, Cessnock Council voted 6 to 4 to support the development. A small number of residents live on Buchanan Road, on which the mosque will be built, and some of their objections were about planning issues, for example rural zoning, traffic, school bus stop and “safety”. The...CONTINUE READING

All lives will matter when Black lives matter

Kim Bullimore Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and Australia in the wake of the police murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in the US in early July. In Australia, Black Lives Matter solidarity actions drew attention to police violence and high levels of institutionalised racism faced by African Americans and other people of colour...CONTINUE READING

New report documents racist bias in legal system

Josh Lees Aboriginal people face harsher sentences due to systemic racism in the judicial system, a new report has concluded. The report, prepared by the University of Technology Sydney, is based on dozens of interviews with judicial staff and lawyers. Researchers summarised one judge’s explanation: “Magistrates in remote communities relied on stereotypes about Aboriginal people as intoxicated because magistrates ‘fl...CONTINUE READING

When Hanson was sent packing from Tasmania

Last night was one of those rare nights in a lifetime; a night that will become a footnote in our history. Last night was the night the people of Hobart silenced the racist and confronted the bigots. It was an inspiring night. Jenni and I went with up to 6,000 others to the anti-Hanson rallies in Franklin Square and at City Hall. Franklin Square was the biggest crowd I had seen since the Wesley Vale pulp mi...CONTINUE READING

Waterloo tent embassy to combat ethnic and social cleansing

Kay Dook The NSW government wants to demolish public housing in Waterloo, which is currently home to around 4,000 tenants. Six towers and hundreds of homes are to be destroyed in order to make way for private investment and a new Metro train line. In response, residents and community supporters have set up a Waterloo tent embassy. Aunty Jenny Munro, veteran Aboriginal activist, told Red Flag that the plans would be...CONTINUE READING

Poverty blights the lives of children

Rutaban Yameen By 2030, nearly 70 million children under the age of five will have died from preventable causes unless serious steps are taken to narrow the gap between rich and poor, UNICEF’s annual State of the World’s Children report predicts. Up to 167 million children will be living in poverty. More than half the people in low and middle income countries already live on less than US$5 a day. Nowhere is the situation...CONTINUE READING