School expulsions report highlights plight of disadvantaged youth

James Crafti “Every year several hundred children are expelled from government schools [in Victoria] … A disproportionate number of expelled children have a disability, are in out of home care, or identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Some come from backgrounds of significant trauma. Some are only five or six years old.” The opening lines of Victorian ombudsman Deborah Glass’ report into government school e...CONTINUE READING

Anti-racist protest dwarfs fascist rally in Melbourne

Simon Barrett The chant “You’ll always lose in Melbourne!” echoed in the streets of Melbourne on 17 September as another pick and mix of assorted fascists, Nazis and white supremacists was vastly outnumbered by a loud counter-rally. Between 400 and 500 anti-fascist protesters gathered at the State Library for speeches and chants. Indigenous activists, speakers from the Rohingya community, Jews Against Fascism and longsta...CONTINUE READING

Campus security targets student activism at Sydney University

Hersha Kadkol A concerning new precedent has been set for how university managements can deal with student activism. Students from the Education Action Group (EAG) have been organising to support staff at the University of Sydney, who are fighting attacks on pay and working conditions. The EAG created large posters to inform students about the strike, which has been organised by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTE...CONTINUE READING

Griffith University restructures a disaster for students and staff

Priya De Griffith University has introduced sweeping restructuring this year, with more to come. The changes are an attempt to boost profits at the expense of education quality and accessibility. Without student consultation, and ignoring staff concerns, management implemented a trimester system in February. In this model, a third academic period is squeezed into the year by condensing term lengths and cutting holid...CONTINUE READING

A desperate plea for help from Nauru

We have waited long enough! We have a right to be free and to know our future! We were tricked into being transferred to Nauru from Christmas Island, promised that we would be freed quickly if we followed the rules. Those who remained on Christmas Island are now in Australia. Some of us have children, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and family in Australia. Our families are heartbroken and devastated fro...CONTINUE READING

CFMEU speaks up for marriage equality

This union has been at the centre of more progressive movements than Malcolm Turnbull’s butler could poke a stick at. These were not just struggles in the workplace. They were struggles that made our society more equal and more fair. You might want to tell us to stick to our “bread and butter” – to winning you better wages and conditions at work. But here’s the thing about that: a better, fairer Australia w...CONTINUE READING

NUS education conference debates way forward

Emma Norton Hundreds of students from around Australia recently attended the annual National Union of Students (NUS) education conference, which this year was held in Brisbane. The conference, in the first week of July, debated the direction of the student movement. Many of these discussions related to the Make Education Free Again campaign, run by NUS this year. Other important questions for the left were also raised:...CONTINUE READING

Palestinians stand up to Israel’s attempt to control Al-Aqsa

James Crafti Deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli “defence” forces are all too frequent. Israeli soldiers continue to murder Palestinians (including non-violent resistance activists) with impunity. Any attempt to fight back on the part of the occupied Palestinian population is dealt with swiftly, severely and collectively by the Israeli state. In the wake of a Palestinian attack on two Israeli police officers,...CONTINUE READING

Protesters confront homophobic Tele

April Holcombe Cries of “Shame, Murdoch, Shame!” could be heard at lunchtime outside the Daily Telegraph offices. A large rainbow was chalked on the pavement around the entrance. On 12 July, the Sydney newspaper had published infographics on its front page about a new “health crisis” for young people, referencing rates of drug use and obesity. Another sign of sickness, according to the Tele ? That 17 percent of young peop...CONTINUE READING