Why is parliamentary politics so volatile? 

Ben Hillier Australia is one of the most successful capitalist societies in history. An economy with 27 years of uninterrupted growth and relatively high levels of social mobility. A stable bourgeois democracy in which the military is rarely deployed to the streets and where states of emergency are ca...CONTINUE READING

Why do we waste so much on the military?

Eleanor Morley Australian war spending is about $35 billion a year and rising. The military is undergoing a significant rearmament program as imperialist tensions around the world sharpen. A $90 billion naval shipbuilding program is the latest jewel in the crown for defence minister Marise Payne. The Roy...CONTINUE READING

Origins of the IPA

Louise O’Shea 1943. The Victorian capitalist class is in a state of panic. The Chamber of Manufactures creates an employers’ organisation to rescue private enterprise from the political abyss. Seventy-five years later, the Institute of Public Affairs has become one of the most influential think tanks in...CONTINUE READING

Understanding US aggression against North Korea

Kim Bullimore Often called the “forgotten war”, the Korean War (1950-53) holds the dubious honour of being the first armed conflict of the Cold War. It was born out of the division imposed on the Korea peninsula from without – a division that had no legitimacy in the eyes of most Koreans. Varying estima...CONTINUE READING

Big things at Daguragu: Remembering the Gurindji Strike

Tanya McConvell The Gurindji strike is one of the most famous in Australian history. This is an account of life in the strike camp, as remembered by Tanya McConvell, who lived at Daguragu from 1974 to 1977.CONTINUE READING

A history of the culture wars

Tess Lee Ack Australia has an active and influential right wing movement, despite having one of the strongest social democratic movements in the world. Inciting racism against refugees, Indigenous people, African youth and others is their stock in trade, as is promoting “family values” and opposing mar...CONTINUE READING

Australian government lashes out over East Timor spying scandal

Max Lane The Australian government has laid criminal charges against Witness K and lawyer Bernard Collaery over their exposure of the bugging of the East Timorese cabinet. The first court hearing has just been postponed until 12 September in Canberra. If the two are convicted, the maximum sentence...CONTINUE READING

Liberalism and empire

Nathan J. Robinson New York Times contributor and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman had a column a few weeks ago called “Fall of the American empire” about Donald Trump’s repudiation of “the values that actually made America great”. It is worth analysing, because it is amusing and illustrative. Krugman believe...CONTINUE READING

Why we need radical change in Australia

Luca Tavan If there was ever a time to put to the test the capitalist maxim that a rising tide lifts all boats, it’s Australia in 2018. After 27 years of non-stop economic growth, capitalism here is as good as it’s ever going to get. So imagine what a shock it must have been to defenders of the statu...CONTINUE READING