Melbourne’s cabinet makers

Liam Ward In Australian labour history, the words “Chinese labour” and “cheap” are run together frequently and are repeated uncritically. It conjures an image of passive pliant dupes at best, or at worst of people who were outright scabs. But the stereotype itself is a racist lie. The truth is that...CONTINUE READING

What will it take to revive our union movement?

Jerome Small As we lurch towards a likely Abbott landslide, Jerome Small takes stock of the union movement Despite the huffing of the conservative press, unions have made few gains under Gillard. Very little of the ground lost under Howard’s WorkChoices laws has been recovered. The biggest resources bo...CONTINUE READING

The role of the socialist press

John Percy Red Flag builds on a long tradition of socialist publications. Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin drummed into his supporters in “Where to Begin?”, written in 1901, the role of the newspaper as “scaffolding” in building an organisation: “The role of a newspaper … is not limited solely to...CONTINUE READING