‘It’s a gun to our head’. Workers battle against aluminium giant

Nicole McEwen Alcoa’s Pinjarra refinery usually billows clouds of smoke. Today, it manages only a few thin streams. When this news is conveyed to striking workers picketing another refinery in Kwinana, it intensifies the sense of solidarity and common purpose among them. Around 1,600 workers at the Alco...CONTINUE READING

Workers shut down money factory

Jerome Small Workers at Note Printing Australia shovel out more than $3 million in currency every hour, but they can’t get a decent pay rise. So on Friday 10 August, workers at the company’s Craigieburn factory, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, walked off the job to support their wage claim of 3.5...CONTINUE READING

Unions playing by Labor’s rules

Ryan Stanton It was nearly a year ago that Sally McManus, national secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, launched the Change the Rules campaign. A television advertising campaign – said to be the biggest in a decade – was backed up by spirited rhetoric from union leaders calling on union...CONTINUE READING

Uber drivers on log-off strike

Julia Jones Uber drivers have disrupted the Monday morning commute in protest over cuts to their wages. Drivers across the country held a “log-off strike” for two and a half hours from 7am on Monday, 6 August, in protest against changes in Uber’s fee structure that have led to a drastic cut to their w...CONTINUE READING

Meteorology pay drought breaks, but at what cost?

Andrew Charles After a long and hard-fought campaign, Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) staff have voted in favour of a new enterprise agreement. The 3 July vote was carried by the slimmest of margins – just 36 votes. It was the fourth time staff had been asked to vote on a proposed agreement in as many years....CONTINUE READING

Campaign continues at language school

Six months ago, teachers at Kaplan International English, an English language school in Melbourne, began unionising their workplace. The teachers are aiming to secure the first ever enterprise bargaining agreement at the school. The log of claims they are fighting for includes a significan...CONTINUE READING

Hospitality workers being ripped off

Mindi Suter Hospitality workers are being ripped off millions of dollars by bosses while the government turns a blind eye. A recent blitz by the Fair Work ombudsman found that in just one night and on just three restaurant strips, bosses had stolen nearly half a million dollars from workers. The audit...CONTINUE READING

Victorian bus drivers on strike

Catherine Robertson Bus routes across Victoria shut down on 10 July, as 600 bus drivers employed by CDC Victoria set up 24-hour pickets at five major depots. This was the first stop-work by bus drivers in Victoria in 20 years. The strike comes after four months of failed negotiations with the company. CDC has...CONTINUE READING

Safe Rates campaign continues

Louise O’Shea Hundreds of transport workers, their families and supporters have rallied in capital cities across the country demanding that more be done to protect transport workers. As part of their action on 15 July, they mobilised a convoy of trucks along high profile transport routes such as the Har...CONTINUE READING