NSW Independent Education Union rejects enterprise agreement offer

On 12 December, the Independent Education Union (IEU) announced that more than 88 percent of staff in New South Wales Catholic schools had voted no to an enterprise agreement (EA) proposed by the Catholic Commission of Employment Relations (CCER). The determination of staff was reflected i...CONTINUE READING

Port Kembla workers locked out in ‘unprecedented’ attack

Chloe Rafferty The consortium of coal companies that owns and operates the Port Kembla Coal Terminal, near Wollongong, has launched a significant attack on its unionised workforce. After three years of enterprise bargaining negotiations and a 48-hour strike by the CFMEU over Christmas, the PKCT bosses lo...CONTINUE READING

Christmas on the picket line

Lewis Todman, Nick Reich Workers feeling the sharp end of employer attacks on wages and conditions are doing it tough this Christmas. Coal miners at Oaky North in Queensland have been locked out since July. Workers at Esso’s Longford gas plant near Sale, Victoria, have been on strike since June, and maintenance wo...CONTINUE READING

Webb Dock: diary of a dispute

Jerome Small The Melbourne waterfront hasn’t seen a dispute like this for decades. Nineteen days of round the clock picketing. No containers in or out, in defiance of two Supreme Court injunctions. A solidarity strike that shut down most of the waterfront in Melbourne, Australia’s biggest port, for the...CONTINUE READING

Anatomy of a global union buster

Tom Bramble The company at the heart of the dispute at Webb Dock, Melbourne, has an international reputation for union busting and abuse of workers. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has gained a toe-hold in the Port of Melbourne from where it wants to expand, firmly establish its...CONTINUE READING

Media lies on port dispute

James Plested “Is that the truth, or did you read it in the Herald Sun?” – asks a bumper sticker commonly seen around Melbourne. When Rupert Murdoch’s paid-up scribes aren’t railing, usually to an audience of millions, about how their “free speech” is being undermined by political correctness, there’s n...CONTINUE READING

Defiance on the Melbourne waterfront

Jerome Small Melbourne’s waterfront came to a virtual standstill on Friday. Cranes were left idle at the country’s largest port as workers walked off their jobs to rally at Webb Dock – the scene of a developing confrontation between a union-busting multinational and the Maritime Union of Australia. Thi...CONTINUE READING

Showdown in the supply chain: Woolworths workers make gains

Jerome Small While much of Australia’s union movement scratches around for a strategy or is forced into desperate defensive battles to hang on to long established conditions, workers in fresh food and in Victorian distribution centres have achieved some significant advances. On Wednesday around 1,600 w...CONTINUE READING

Longford gas dispute: ‘a fight worth fighting’

Nick Reich There’s not much being held back in the jeers hurled from the picket to those crossing the line to work. At the union protest outside the Longford gas plant in Gippsland, accusations that scabs “betray the spirit of Eureka” are directed towards those in sight of the picket line among a cac...CONTINUE READING