Ratios: an argument against privatisation of aged care

Peter Carter For five years I’ve worked as an endorsed enrolled nurse. For most of that time, I’ve worked in private aged care facilities. A few weeks ago I moved to the public sector. The difference between the two is like night and day. In a private aged care facility I was responsible for 40 residen...CONTINUE READING

Tertiary staff fight for ‘legacy’ conditions

Robin Laycock La Trobe University’s pathway institute La Trobe Melbourne was hit by a 24-hour strike on 28 May over stalled enterprise agreement negotiations with Navitas, the multinational corporation contracted to run the facility since it was privatised in 2010. La Trobe Melbourne is pitched as provi...CONTINUE READING

Queensland workers reject asset sell off

Jon Lamb Liberal National Party Premier Campbell Newman has failed to convince Queensland workers that more assets need to be sold-off to reduce state debt. Since mid-April, the state government has run a $6 million “Strong Choices” media campaign, which it claims is part of a commitment to “an ope...CONTINUE READING

Fair Work cuts penalty rates

Steph Price Up to 40,000 hospitality workers, who are already among the lowest paid workers in the country, have been handed a wage cut by the Fair Work Commission. Its 14 May ruling will carve 25 percent off the Sunday penalty loading for casual workers in the bottom two pay grades of the restaurant...CONTINUE READING

Building code an assault on workers

Jerome Small “The shovels will start moving in a matter of months”, a triumphant Joe Hockey declared on budget night as he announced an extra $12 billion in infrastructure spending. The federal government has big plans for infrastructure – committing $50 billion over the next six years. It will be a pr...CONTINUE READING

Victorian teachers shafted

Tess Lee Ack As Red Flag reported in March this year, the Victorian Education Department has been trying to force changes to the “performance and development” (P&D) process onto teachers. Aside from adding to teachers’ already excessive workloads, the changes open the door to full-blown performance pay...CONTINUE READING

SPC maintenance workers clock off

Steph Price Around 60 maintenance workers walked out the gates of SPC Ardmona’s Shepparton processing plant for the final time on Friday 2 May. They were the last of 73 workers who were sacked by the fruit packing company last year. Two days after Christmas, they were told that they would be replaced...CONTINUE READING

Thousands turn out for Queensland May Day march

Liam Kay May Day marches in Queensland have long registered higher attendances than other states. This year was no different, as thousands of workers took to the streets of Brisbane on Sunday 4 May to mark the traditional day of the international working class. This year also marked the second marc...CONTINUE READING

Cut-price CFMEU deal would cost workers everywhere

CFMEU member It’s not uncommon for the media, right wing politicians and sometimes right wing union leaders to have a go at the wages and conditions that construction workers have built up through generations of struggle. Which is why, as a proud member of the WA branch of the CFMEU, I was shocked to r...CONTINUE READING