SPC maintenance workers clock off

Steph Price Around 60 maintenance workers walked out the gates of SPC Ardmona’s Shepparton processing plant for the final time on Friday 2 May. They were the last of 73 workers who were sacked by the fruit packing company last year. Two days after Christmas, they were told that they would be replaced...CONTINUE READING

Thousands turn out for Queensland May Day march

Liam Kay May Day marches in Queensland have long registered higher attendances than other states. This year was no different, as thousands of workers took to the streets of Brisbane on Sunday 4 May to mark the traditional day of the international working class. This year also marked the second marc...CONTINUE READING

Cut-price CFMEU deal would cost workers everywhere

CFMEU member It’s not uncommon for the media, right wing politicians and sometimes right wing union leaders to have a go at the wages and conditions that construction workers have built up through generations of struggle. Which is why, as a proud member of the WA branch of the CFMEU, I was shocked to r...CONTINUE READING

Job-cutting spree at Victoria Uni

David Garland At a series of meeting organised by the NTEU at Victoria University campuses, staff have condemned plans for a job-cutting spree. Hundreds of jobs are in the firing line in the proposal announced by senior management. Entire departments are slated for closure, and many essential campus ser...CONTINUE READING

Important strike win for warehouse workers

Patrick Araya A small group of workers in Melbourne has had a big win. After six weeks outside the gates, 30 Super A-Mart warehouse workers have gone back to work with an enterprise agreement. They are the first warehouse in the company’s history to wrestle an above-award agreement out of their boss, wh...CONTINUE READING

‘A matter of time before someone is killed’

Ryan Stanton Scattered across suburbs throughout Australia are thousands of small factories and warehouses. These are amongst the most dangerous places to work in the country. Too often unhindered by the union presence more common at larger sites, the two-bit managers and bosses who run these shops rou...CONTINUE READING

Queensland hospital withholds wages

Kat Henderson Two years ago Queensland public sector nurses and midwives won a pay rise of $30 a week – the equivalent of a 3 percent annual wage rise. More than 2,000 nurses and midwives working at Brisbane’s Mater Health Service’s public hospitals are yet to see a cent of it. The Queensland Nurses Uni...CONTINUE READING

MFB attack on firefighters ‘outrageous’, says union

Jamiel Deeb The Victorian Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) has abruptly halted enterprise agreement negotiations with the firefighters’ union by mounting a legal attack on firefighters’ existing conditions. The MFB is trying to scrap the firefighters’ 2010 enterprise agreement and return important cond...CONTINUE READING

Safety under the new world order – a construction worker’s view

Richard Mann Dear readers, As a crane driver and dogman in the construction industry I cannot speak for the carpenter I work beside, the steel-fixer who labours with spine bent and hands torn, the sparky who does mysterious things with wiring, or the humble peggy who cleans our amenities. I can, howeve...CONTINUE READING