The Fair Work decision on penalty rates is class war – we have to fight back

Steph Price The Fair Work Commission decision on penalty rates will result in the biggest wage cut since the Great Depression. It is class war. Far from accepting the “business case” for the attack, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy industry workers have clogged talk back radio lines with stories ab...CONTINUE READING

Construction workers stand up for safety and against ABCC

Dalena Nguyen Around 200 CFMEU members gathered outside parliament house in Adelaide on 15 February to protest the lack of action taken after the death of construction industry veteran Jorge Castillo-Riffo. Jorge was one of two workers that have been killed while working on the new Royal Adelaide Hospit...CONTINUE READING

Union members protest privatisation of disability services

Members of the Public Sector Association (PSA) braved the rain on 14 February to protest the privatisation of disability services in NSW. Despite the NSW Industrial Relations Court banning the strike, the PSA pushed on defiantly, with hundreds of members and supporters rallying outside Par...CONTINUE READING

The US working class vs. Donald Trump

Jerome Small Amid the waves of protest sweeping the United States, we get a glimpse of the incredible power that organised workers can bring to a mass movement. On 20 January, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, unionised dock workers shut down the massive port of Oakland, California, one of the bu...CONTINUE READING

Gas workers fired up about wage cuts

Steph Price BOC Gas and Gear workers across Victoria took industrial action on 13 February against a potential wage cut for new employees. “We don’t want a rich and a poor at BOC”, Daniel, an NUW member told Red Flag . Under the company’s plan for a two-tier workforce, new employees will be paid betwe...CONTINUE READING

Union protest: workers lives ‘forfeited’ in unsafe workplaces

Liam Parry The Maritime Union of Australia led a protest in Darwin on 8 February, calling for the resignation of the head of NT WorkSafe, Stephen Gelding. The protest highlighted the failure of the agency to respond to a series of workplace accidents, some fatal. Most recently, a seafarer died after...CONTINUE READING

Parmalat workers still locked out by dairy giant

Steph Price After months stationed outside Carlton United Brewery in Abbotsford, Scabby the Rat already has another gig. More than 60 workers in Echuca, a Victorian Murray River town, have been locked out by their employer Parmalat since 18 January. The workers are union members and have been maintain...CONTINUE READING

Impact of Trump election ripples through to the workplace

NTEU member The new environment that has emerged since Donald Trump’s inauguration has played out in my university call centre in its own way. It has resulted in three new union members and newly identified left wing allies. Trump’s attacks, especially his Muslim ban executive order, shocked many and...CONTINUE READING

Tertiary education union joins global condemnation of Trump

Roz Ward Since Donald Trump’s racist immigration ban was announced, more than 5,000 academics from around the world have pledged to boycott conferences held in the US while the ban persists. A further 27,000 academics have signed a mass petition against the decree. The signatories include 51 Nobel...CONTINUE READING