Anatomy of a global union buster

Tom Bramble The company at the heart of the dispute at Webb Dock, Melbourne, has an international reputation for union busting and abuse of workers. International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has gained a toe-hold in the Port of Melbourne from where it wants to expand, firmly establish its...CONTINUE READING

Media lies on port dispute

James Plested “Is that the truth, or did you read it in the Herald Sun?” – asks a bumper sticker commonly seen around Melbourne. When Rupert Murdoch’s paid-up scribes aren’t railing, usually to an audience of millions, about how their “free speech” is being undermined by political correctness, there’s n...CONTINUE READING

Defiance on the Melbourne waterfront

Jerome Small Melbourne’s waterfront came to a virtual standstill on Friday. Cranes were left idle at the country’s largest port as workers walked off their jobs to rally at Webb Dock – the scene of a developing confrontation between a union-busting multinational and the Maritime Union of Australia. Thi...CONTINUE READING

Showdown in the supply chain: Woolworths workers make gains

Jerome Small While much of Australia’s union movement scratches around for a strategy or is forced into desperate defensive battles to hang on to long established conditions, workers in fresh food and in Victorian distribution centres have achieved some significant advances. On Wednesday around 1,600 w...CONTINUE READING

Longford gas dispute: ‘a fight worth fighting’

Nick Reich There’s not much being held back in the jeers hurled from the picket to those crossing the line to work. At the union protest outside the Longford gas plant in Gippsland, accusations that scabs “betray the spirit of Eureka” are directed towards those in sight of the picket line among a cac...CONTINUE READING

SA power industry fights off ABCC

Aaron Furnell Earlier this year, the now deposed head of the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Nigel Hadgkiss, and employment minister Michaelia Cash attempted to extend the powers of the ABCC into essential services. For most of its existence, the anti-union ABCC and Labor’s similar body...CONTINUE READING

Waterfront wages and conditions dragged backwards

Anthony Marlin The fastest growing maritime terminal operator in the world, ICTSI, is waging an assault on the wages and conditions of workers. The company operates 29 container terminals across six continents, including Australia, where it owns VICT at Webb Dock East in Melbourne. It is Australia’s firs...CONTINUE READING

Thousands hit the streets against war on workers

Dan Atwood For the third time this year, thousands of Sydney workers from various unions defied threats of fines to down tools and walked off the job on 16 November to demand an end to the federal government’s war on workers. “The screws are tightening on every worker in Australia, while company prof...CONTINUE READING

Meat pies, kangaroos, class struggle and Holden cars

Andrew Martin A red V8 SS Holden Commodore rolled off the Elizabeth production line in Adelaide on 20 October – the last of 7,687,675 Holdens produced in Australia since 1948. It marked the end of an era, with Toyota already ceasing local production in September and Ford in 2016. On the last day, Holden...CONTINUE READING