Bunnings bans equality badges

SDA member “We don’t take a side on political issues” and “That’s not how we do things here” or “We don’t want to alienate people”. These were a few of the reasons given to Bunnings employees proudly wearing “yes” badges when the demand to remove them was made by management. Staff members at one outl...CONTINUE READING

Workers lose fight to save help line

Simone White If you don’t fight, you lose. That was the position adopted by Australian Services Union members at Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia when we decided to fight Medibank and the federal Liberal government. Twelve months ago we learnt that Medibank – a health insurance giant – was...CONTINUE READING

Successful industrial campaign wound up at Sydney Uni

Alma Torlakovic On a fairly bleak bargaining landscape, the campaign at Sydney University has again been a bright spot for the tertiary education union. In August, NTEU members at the University of Sydney started a successful campaign of industrial action to fight management attacks. A strike and protest...CONTINUE READING

A solidarity mural for workers standing up for us all

Van Thanh Rudd A large cigar is being lit atop an offshore gas platform by a greedy capitalist wearing an Esso top hat. He’s weighing down heavily upon the workers below, who are under the water. I was invited to paint this large mural at the Longford gas plant picket, which has just passed 90 days in le...CONTINUE READING

A vicious turn in the class struggle

Jerome Small Penalty rates slashed. A renewed attack on the construction unions. Long-established conditions trashed at key industrial sites. And now, courtesy of Fair Work’s decision to scrap the enterprise agreement at Murdoch University, a renewed onslaught on white collar workers in government-owne...CONTINUE READING

Brisbane bus drivers still fighting for safety

Kaye Broadbent It has been 10 months since Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Alisher was murdered at work. It’s been nearly that long since the start of enterprise agreement negotiations between bus drivers and Brisbane City Council. Predictably, the main issue for drivers is safety, but they are also demandin...CONTINUE READING

Construction workers fly the flag for equality

For a few days in the first week of September, the rainbow flag flew above a large construction site in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Red Flag spoke to the CFMEU member whose idea it was to hoist the flag, an international symbol of pride and solidarity, on his job. “I won’t forget the m...CONTINUE READING

Early educators strike for equal pay

Jessica Lenehan, Kelly Cvetkova Thousands of early childhood educators walked off the job on 7 September as part of their campaign for equal pay. “Equally qualified industries in a male-dominated field get paid 30 percent more than we do”, one of the striking workers explained to Red Flag. “So we need to be paid more. We...CONTINUE READING

Vote ‘no’ in Sydney Uni’s anti-union poll

Alma Torlakovic In a shock bargaining move, management at the University of Sydney has started a process to side-step the National Tertiary and Education Union. News of the university’s manoeuvre came Monday as a stop work meeting of 250 union members was underway. The meeting had been called to plan a 24...CONTINUE READING