What’s so special about the working class?

Daniel Taylor, Ben Hillier Marxists are for the working class. Socialists and communists calling for a radical transformation of society were around before Karl Marx entered the scene in the mid-1800s. But Marx, in the Communist Manifesto, provided the slogan used by the left all over the world to this day: “Workers...CONTINUE READING

Massacre in Pittsburgh highlights real anti-Semitic threat

Daniel Taylor Why do fascists hate Jews so much? The German Nazis were the world’s most powerful and influential fascist organisation, and they were also the most anti-Semitic. Their Jew-hating world view was remarkable because it was so irrational, yet it became the official ideology of a modern, power...CONTINUE READING

Socialism is back, with good reason

Daniel Taylor The spectre of socialism is again haunting world politics. Until recently, the word “socialism” was uttered in mainstream politics only as a slur that right wing fanatics hurled at their neoliberal-centrist rivals. It seems like an eternity since former US president Barack Obama and former...CONTINUE READING

As an anti-Semitic fascist movement grows, Zionists attack the anti-fascist left 

Ben Hillier, Daniel Taylor Far right politics is making a comeback. And with it comes political anti-Semitism. In the English-speaking world, quasi-fascist “alt-right” milieus increasingly consider the “JQ” (“Jewish question”) an important component of their political war against immigration, liberalism, socialism a...CONTINUE READING

The fraud of Stalinism

Daniel Taylor Stalinism is experiencing a small revival. For now, it is greatly exaggerated online, where many of the popular socialist meme pages are as devoted to praising gulags and North Korea’s nuclear missile program as they are to denouncing capitalism. But as the imagery and politics of Stalinis...CONTINUE READING

Backlash after Monash University slashes arts funding

Daniel Taylor The trouble at Monash began at 9am on the first morning of semester. New students enrolled in the popular first-year Introduction to International Relations unit arrived for class, only to find themselves in a silent and abandoned lecture theatre. To deal with overcrowded lectures, the adm...CONTINUE READING

The fight over free speech on campus

Daniel Taylor On university campuses around the world, “free speech” is becoming the favourite slogan of the right, sure to be raised during campus political controversies. The Spectator, a magazine whose political allegiance sits somewhere between Tony Abbott and Richard Spencer, writes of a “free spee...CONTINUE READING

Vale David Feeney. Nah, lol

Daniel Taylor Few will mourn the political death of David Feeney, the amnesiac Labor backbencher who has now fallen to Section 44. Feeney’s career in the House of Representatives produced only two moments of heroic distinction. First, during the 2016 federal election, when Labor was aggressively campaig...CONTINUE READING

How not to remember the Russian Revolution

Daniel Taylor On 7 November, the world marked 100 years since the Russian Revolution: the brief seizure of power by a socialist workers’ movement that showed millions that a better world is possible. The centenary is both an inspiring occasion and a sobering one. Inspiring because it reminds us that the...CONTINUE READING