Farm workers fight wage theft

Ryan Stanton A new study published by the University of New South Wales highlights widespread wage theft and exploitation of migrant workers in Australia. According to the report, Wage Theft in Silence, almost a third of temporary migrants earn $12 per hour or less – roughly half the legal minimum for...CONTINUE READING

Amazon warehouse: working in a modern day sweatshop

Ryan Stanton It has been 10 months since the portentous opening of Amazon’s first Australian “fulfilment centre” in Dandenong, south-east of Melbourne. A second warehouse, twice the size, opened in August in the suburbs of Sydney. Wide selections of goods and fast delivery times, however, are not the o...CONTINUE READING

Unions playing by Labor’s rules

Ryan Stanton It was nearly a year ago that Sally McManus, national secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, launched the Change the Rules campaign. A television advertising campaign – said to be the biggest in a decade – was backed up by spirited rhetoric from union leaders calling on union...CONTINUE READING

Dispute over at the Reject Shop

Ryan Stanton, NUW member Workers at a warehouse in Melbourne’s north-east have ended a drawn-out enterprise agreement fight, accepting a deal that they say is a win. The Reject Shop workers, members of the National Union of Workers, have secured an agreement that retains all of their existing conditions despite th...CONTINUE READING

The Barking Dog – tales from a factory floor

Ryan Stanton The Barking Dog is a compilation of the rank and file newsletter of the same name published by Caroline Lund, US socialist and United Automobile Workers (UAW) militant. Introducing the book, Barry Sheppard – Lund’s long-time companion and comrade in the Socialist Workers Party (until both...CONTINUE READING

Not quite right at The Reject Shop

Ryan Stanton, NUW member Workers at The Reject Shop warehouse in Melbourne’s north-west have faced down a serious attack by management during enterprise agreement bargaining. NUW (National Union of Workers) delegate Dave Sharpe – who was stood down for more than two weeks – spoke to Red Flag about what they’re fig...CONTINUE READING

‘A matter of time before someone is killed’

Ryan Stanton Scattered across suburbs throughout Australia are thousands of small factories and warehouses. These are amongst the most dangerous places to work in the country. Too often unhindered by the union presence more common at larger sites, the two-bit managers and bosses who run these shops rou...CONTINUE READING