Labor’s tax policy hits the middle class, not big business

Mick Armstrong With the Liberals in disarray, the business establishment is seriously contemplating the prospect of a Labor government. Top business leaders and their media are unlikely to openly campaign for Labor, as they will not want to see too catastrophic a collapse in the vote for the Liberals, th...CONTINUE READING

Let Chelsea Manning in

Editors The Australian government must immediately grant US whistleblower Chelsea Manning an entry visa so she can commence her long-planned speaking tour of the country. Manning, who is due to speak in Sydney on Sunday, was a junior intelligence analyst in the US military when, in 2010, she provi...CONTINUE READING

Why is parliamentary politics so volatile? 

Ben Hillier Australia is one of the most successful capitalist societies in history. An economy with 27 years of uninterrupted growth and relatively high levels of social mobility. A stable bourgeois democracy in which the military is rarely deployed to the streets and where states of emergency are ca...CONTINUE READING

No emissions reduction target, but $444 million for corporate greenwashing

James Plested The Liberal leadership spill has drawn attention away from what should rank among the biggest scandals in the history of Australian politics: the government’s gift of almost half a billion dollars to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF), an organisation whose barely concealed role is t...CONTINUE READING

‘Alone in the dark with our money’ – the superannuation swindle

Liz Ross Legalised theft, avarice, Wild West lawlessness, price gouging, profiteering and secretive practices have been exposed by the Hayne royal commission as shockingly commonplace in Australia’s $620 billion retail superannuation industry. There are flagrant breaches of the law – such as fees f...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull, Morrison and the crisis in the Liberal Party

Tom Bramble The right wing insurgency in the Liberal Party brought down Malcolm Turnbull. But it has failed to elevate its number one candidate, former home affairs minister Peter Dutton, to the prime minister’s office. The 45-40 party room vote to elect former treasurer Scott Morrison has, for now, q...CONTINUE READING

Ged Kearney shows we can’t trust Labor

James Crafti The day after politicians united to condemn Katter Party senator Fraser Anning’s “final solution” speech, they ensured that refugees would continue to languish in detention centres. It was an act of irony on a par with Labor prime minister Julia Gillard cutting pensions for single mothers...CONTINUE READING

Peter Dutton, right wing horror show 

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull may have won the vote in the party room, but he’s finished. He has lost all authority among his colleagues. It is now only a matter of time before a fresh party room meeting votes to remove him. Peter Dutton is in the box seat to become prime minister. This prospect is jus...CONTINUE READING

Government priorities, not immigrants, are to blame for city congestion

Tom Bramble The announcement on 7 August that Australia’s population has hit 25 million was greeted in many quarters with a loud wailing and gnashing of teeth. There are, we are told, too many immigrants. The obsession with immigration has long been the calling card of hard-core racists, who never saw...CONTINUE READING