Left wing Green scores upset victory in NSW preselection contest

Diane Fieldes Running an explicitly left wing campaign, Greens MLC David Shoebridge has won preselection for the top spot on the Greens upper house ticket for the 2019 NSW state election. With 65 percent turnout of 4,000 NSW Greens members, Shoebridge received 1,161 votes, ahead of two sitting MLCs from...CONTINUE READING

WA Labor to hike utility fees

Ben Fowler Working class Western Australians are being told to foot the bill for the state deficit once again. The 2018 state budget, announced on 10 May by the McGowan Labor government, included big hikes to utility bills and to fees for state services, and cuts to education funding. The price of el...CONTINUE READING

Crime rates drop but Indigenous people being jailed more than ever

Dino Varrasso Throughout Australia, crime rates have decreased, but the incarceration rate – particularly of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – has increased dramatically. Despite making up only 3 percent of the population, Indigenous people are 28 percent of the prison population. According to th...CONTINUE READING

NSW police surveillance list targets Aboriginal children

Chloe Rafferty NSW police have been keeping a watch list under their Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP) since 2000. To make it onto the list, you need not have committed a crime, and you won’t be told you’re on it. If you suspect that you’re on it, there’s no way of getting taken off. One factor overw...CONTINUE READING

Another life lost in WA’s criminal injustice system

Miranda Wood A single Facebook post on 7 May, among a sea of local news articles, was the only acknowledgement of a young Indigenous man’s sudden death days earlier in the West Kimberley Regional Prison, near Derby in north-west Western Australia. The 19-year-old man reportedly collapsed on the floor o...CONTINUE READING

Using money to strangle debtors

Ben Hillier The Hayne royal commission into the finance sector continues to uncover aspects of a toxic corporate culture. Lying, cheating, fraud, cover-ups – you name it, someone did it, was paid good money for it and left some customer worse off as a result. Yet, as disgraceful as the exposed schemes...CONTINUE READING

Big union donation boosts Victorian Socialists campaign

A $50,000 donation from the Victorian branch of the Electrical Trades Union has boosted the Victorian Socialists campaign to elect Stephen Jolly to the Victorian parliament at the November state election. ETU Victorian secretary Troy Gray told the Age that his union was supporting the camp...CONTINUE READING

Morrison’s budget rewards the affluent, punishes the poor

Tom Bramble Scott Morrison’s latest Budget is nothing but a bunch of giveaways for the Coalition’s voting base of older, well-heeled, middle class Australians, and miserly scraps for the working class and poor. Far from being a budget for “low and middle income earners”, as the treasurer claims, the b...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s recycling crisis bites, but there’s an easy fix

James Plested Australia’s recycling system is on the brink of collapse. Around the country, recyclers are holding giant stockpiles of paper, cardboard and plastic collected from kerbsides. Much of this is destined for landfill. The immediate cause of the crisis was China’s decision to ban imports of 24...CONTINUE READING