What Chris Bowen left out about the banks

Allen Myers “Banks and financial institutions should work on an ethical basis. They should be strong. They should be profitable. They should be robust. They should be above all ethical.” – Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen (quoted in the Guardian, 4 February). First, let’s decipher the verbiage of the ALP’...CONTINUE READING

Stop Trump’s coup in Venezuela!

Andrew Martin The US and its imperialist allies are doing everything they can to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. Trump has declared that Maduro is no longer president. He has also stated “that all options are on the table”. Trump wants a puppet regime that...CONTINUE READING

The rise and fall of Macron

Diane Fieldes Things have not been going well of late for French president Emmanuel Macron. According to a former speechwriter to Bill Clinton, Edward Luce, “The dishonour of being the west’s most unpopular leader goes to Emmanuel Macron, whose approval ratings are at barely half the level of Donald Tru...CONTINUE READING

The best Gillette can be?

Yasemin Shamsili Gillette’s latest ad has drawn the ire of all who like their masculinity toxic. The sinister underbelly of the internet, an army of men’s rights activists, has come out in force. The viral video has attracted double the number of dislikes as likes, with hundreds of men posting pictures of...CONTINUE READING

Fraser Anning doesn’t represent shit

Kaye Broadbent Queensland senator Fraser Anning was the only parliamentarian to turn up to a fascist demonstration in Melbourne in early January. Organised by leaders of the far right white supremacist group United Patriots Front to “reclaim St Kilda” from “African gangs”, the protest, which included peo...CONTINUE READING

The real threat in Australian society is the ruling class, not Muslims

Diane Fieldes In the latest episode of “government collectively frames Muslims”, prime minister Scott Morrison, after the Bourke Street attack, called on Islamic leaders to take “special responsibility” for stamping out radicalism in their communities. He claimed that “the greatest threat … is the radic...CONTINUE READING

Why I will accept only a worker’s wage if elected to parliament

Stephen Jolly As a construction worker standing for parliament later this month, I was reminded of Charles Jardine Don, a stonemason, who won the then seat of Collingwood back in 1859. There were no salaries for MPs in those days, so he continued working on the tools at the very Parliament House buildin...CONTINUE READING

Massacre in Pittsburgh highlights real anti-Semitic threat

Daniel Taylor Why do fascists hate Jews so much? The German Nazis were the world’s most powerful and influential fascist organisation, and they were also the most anti-Semitic. Their Jew-hating world view was remarkable because it was so irrational, yet it became the official ideology of a modern, power...CONTINUE READING

Abortion finally decriminalised in Queensland 

Priya De The Queensland parliament has passed a bill striking all references to abortion from the criminal code. Under new legislation, women can access an abortion on request during the first 22 weeks of pregnancy and with the consent of two health practitioners after that time. This move is long...CONTINUE READING