A modest proposal on espionage law

Allen Myers ASIO director general Duncan Lewis, supporting the government’s “espionage” bill, has told a parliamentary committee that journalists should not be exempted from 20-year sentences for revealing government lies that the liars have classified as “secret”. Journalism, Lewis said, provides an...CONTINUE READING

Batman: Labor smears Greens to distract from its appalling refugee policies

Liz Walsh In the week leading up to the tightly contested Batman by-election in Melbourne’s inner north, a social media storm erupted in what has become colloquially known as #placardgate. The offending placard, carried at a Refugee Action Collective rally in the Batman electorate on 10 March, was a...CONTINUE READING

Note to Emma Alberici: This is how you meet ABC editorial standards

James Plested They couldn’t have done it better if they’d aimed for parody. “The surprisingly frugal habits of the super rich”, read the headline. Perhaps we were supposed to be tantalised. For most people who clicked through to the article, however, it was likely more a case of, “No, they wouldn’t real...CONTINUE READING

Vale Zelda D’Aprano, a fighter for women’s liberation

Janey Stone Zelda D’Aprano, famous for chaining herself to the railings of the Commonwealth Building in Melbourne in 1969 to demand equal pay for women, died on 21 February, aged 90. Zelda was born into a working class Jewish family in Carlton in 1928. Following her mother’s example, she became a memb...CONTINUE READING

There’s nothing good about Turnbull’s sex ban

Sandra Bloodworth What to do when desperately trying to keep your government from sinking in a mire of salacious scandal brought on by Barnaby Joyce’s sordid and hypocritical personal life? Malcolm Turnbull’s solution is a new “code of conduct” for government ministers, which bans them, married or single, f...CONTINUE READING

ABC’s pathetic kowtowing to government

Diane Fieldes US investigative journalist I.F. Stone famously said: “All governments lie”. So a filing cabinet full of classified government documents should have been a heaven-sent opportunity for the ABC to hold the Australian government to account. Instead, we got a craven attempt by the ABC to show...CONTINUE READING

Rock is dead, long live rock

John Scott Old enough to have sat in the Kings’ Road Chelsea at the fag end of the ’60s and observed the passing parade of rock stars (“Hi Mick! Hi Keith!”) and members of the nobility and landed gentry making la passeggiata in their hugely expensive hippie outfits, and noting a decade later David Jo...CONTINUE READING

Robots and volunteers: a letter to George Monbiot

Allen Myers Dear George Monbiot, I found very interesting your 7 February column in the Guardian on the robotisation of work, occasioned by Amazon’s new patent for a wristband that can track what workers are doing throughout their shift. I agree with your observation, “Digital Taylorism, splitting int...CONTINUE READING

Barnaby Joyce’s ‘family values’ failings are fair game

Roz Ward Maybe I’m just a jealous feminist (not to mention lesbian). Perhaps I have a bitter need to deny happiness to a couple that have simply found love through an office romance and pregnancy. No, I’m not jealous, I’m angry. I could care less about the moral virtue of Barnaby Joyce’s sex life....CONTINUE READING