How we can defeat Adani

Jasmine Duff Adani’s Carmichael coalmine in central Queensland has faced many setbacks, but the campaign will need to intensify to prevent it becoming operational. After their successful national strike late last year, school students have called a second strike and demonstration for 15 March. If university students and workers join the demonstration, it will be a significant boost for the campaign. Early on, the campai...CONTINUE READING

Murray-Darling fish deaths: the fruits of failing water policy

Izrin Ariff  Over the last few months, the Murray-Darling Basin has been reeling from fish kills, most notably a mass die-off in the Menindee Lakes, near Broken Hill in western New South Wales, after water quality plummeted following an algae bloom. Algae are vital organisms, producing the bulk of the planet’s oxygen and supporting marine and aquatic food webs. In normal conditions, microscopic algae float to the surfac...CONTINUE READING

Four reasons to join the student climate strike on 15 March

Carl Jackson The School Strike 4 Climate on 30 November was a resounding success, mobilising 13,000 students on streets across the country. The second act, on 15 March, is shaping up to be even bigger. Not only are more schools getting involved, but the peak body representing Australia’s university students – the National Union of Students – voted at its annual conference to get behind the national walkout. Here are fou...CONTINUE READING

Hunger strike at Western Australian detention centre 

Erin Russell In an act of defiance against Australia’s cruel detention regime, more than 300 detainees have initiated a hunger strike at Yongah Hill detention centre in Western Australia. Beginning on 14 January, the strike follows similar action in a Melbourne detention facility earlier this month. Yongah Hill holds people detained for a variety of reasons, including asylum seekers and people fighting to keep their vis...CONTINUE READING

When Nazis walk among us

Jess Lenehan When a serious call to recreate the racist Cronulla riots goes out, and 200 people answer it, something serious is in the air. When a short-notice call for opposition is answered by three hundred anti-racists, you know there are plenty of people in Melbourne ready to stop these bastards in their tracks. This is what happened in St Kilda on Saturday. “Personally”, ABC editorial director Alan Sunderland said...CONTINUE READING

Palestine solidarity activists demand SBS #BoycottEurovision2019

Hersha Kadkol, Paulie Bover Despite calls for an international boycott, SBS has maintained that it will broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, which is to be held in Israel next year. The contest is set to be hosted in Tel Aviv – 70 kilometres from the Gaza border, where the Israeli military murdered more than 200 protesters this year. The event was planned for occupied East Jerusalem, where Israel has made an aggressive push to...CONTINUE READING

Campus anti-military campaign celebrates first year

Jack Crawford Forty people gathered at an Adelaide pub on 15 November to celebrate the establishment of the Disarm campaign at South Australian universities. The student campaign – aimed at cutting ties between universities and the arms industry – has hit something of a nerve in the “defence state”, garnering attention in the press and creating political controversy on campuses. Over the last semester, around 2,500 stude...CONTINUE READING

The dirty truth about pollution

Josh Lees In 1845, Friedrich Engels wrote, “These east and north-east sides of Manchester are the only ones on which the bourgeoisie has not built, because ten or eleven months of the year the west and south-west wind drives the smoke of all the factories hither, and that the working people alone may breathe”. A new report, The Dirty Truth, by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), reveals that little has chan...CONTINUE READING

Hundreds rally in Adelaide against nuclear waste dump 

Jack Crawford South Australia has long played an important role in the global nuclear industry. Its deserts were made a testing ground for atomic weaponry in the 1950s and 1960s, condemning countless Aboriginal lives to the rolling black mist. The state is also home to nearly a quarter of the world’s uranium reserves, providing the raw material for overseas reactors and contributing to disasters such as Fukushima. But fo...CONTINUE READING