Biloela children becoming sick from detention

The Tamil Refugee Council has condemned the ongoing detention of a Tamil family removed earlier this year from their home in Biloela, central Queensland, after a new medical report noted emerging behavioural problems in the children. The family – Priya, Nades and their infant daughters Kopiga, 3, and Tharnicca (Dharuniga), 14 months – has been held in Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation, Broadmeadow...CONTINUE READING

Australian activists sing in solidarity with East Timor

Allen Myers A combined Union and Solidarity Choir from NSW, ACT and Victoria on 4 September concluded a nine-day singing visit to Timor-Leste. Most of the choir members have been activists in the solidarity movement with Timor-Leste, some of them going back to before the Indonesian invasion and occupation in late 1975. Since the restoration of the country’s independence with the withdrawal of Indonesian troops in 1999,...CONTINUE READING

Far right terrorism in Perth

Ben Fowler On 26 August, the Al-Taqwa Masjid mosque in the Perth suburb of Mirrabooka, where more than 2,000 Muslims regularly come to pray, was firebombed using improvised explosives. While fortunately nobody was hurt, the mosque suffered up to $250,000 worth of damage. Had a church been firebombed by Muslims, the city would have been in lockdown and a state of hysteria declared. In this case, the arson squad has yet...CONTINUE READING

Farage met with protests in Perth and Melbourne

Chris di Pasquale, Phoebe Burrage Since the election of Donald Trump, Australia has become the “it” destination for far right provocateurs. The latest is Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party and notorious anti-Muslim racist. Farage began his speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand on 2 September, arriving in Perth to heap praise on One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and US President Donald Trump at the up to $300 per he...CONTINUE READING

More than 550 people attend Sydney Socialism conference 

“It’s not enough to just think left wing thoughts. Without being embodied in movements, without being embodied in unions and without being embodied in socialist organisations, ideas alone cannot change the world”. With this call to action another successful Socialism conference was brought to a close. The conference – held in Sydney on the first weekend of September and attracting more than 550 people – ref...CONTINUE READING

More horror for children in Australia’s gulags

Priya De Children on Nauru are exhibiting signs of resignation syndrome, a rare mental disorder born from extreme trauma. The physiological basis of the illness is unclear. What is known is that traumatised children, including those caught in the horror of immigration limbo or who live without hope, are at greatest risk of developing the condition. Similar cases of otherwise healthy people becoming mute and still ha...CONTINUE READING

SA universities tie themselves to weapons of mass destruction

Sage Jupe Take a plane to Adelaide and you’ll be greeted at the airport with a billboard advertising the University of Adelaide’s Masters of Marine Engineering and the promise of a future career in submarines, shipbuilding and defence. Take a taxi to the University of South Australia’s open day and you can attend an information session about careers in defence. Or peruse the Flinders University website and read about...CONTINUE READING

Victorian Socialists’ ‘fighting manifesto’ launched in Melbourne 

Workers, students, trade union leaders, community campaign activists and journalists crammed into Brunswick Town Hall on Friday 24 August to hear about the Victorian Socialists’ campaign to put a socialist into state parliament. The more than 450 attendees were there to launch the party’s manifesto, an 80-page plan to address the state’s chronic public housing shortage, inadequate public transport and divis...CONTINUE READING

The man-babies who ‘marched for men’

Chris di Pasquale The delicate snowflakes of the alt-right held their inaugural “March for Men” in Melbourne on 25 August. And they blamed every problem in their lives, from mental illness to the downfall of Western Civilisation, on women. Some 200 cry babies (of the more than 5,000 who expressed interest online) showed up to hear speakers, such as men’s rights activist Robert Brockway, rage against the use of misandrist gen...CONTINUE READING