Children detained indefinitely in Queensland watch-houses

Reeshan Zakiyya An alarming number of children are being held in Queensland police watch-houses for long periods, according to data tabled in the Queensland parliament. Children as young as 11 have been detained for up to five days at a time with no exercise or visitation rights. Hundreds of young people have been locked in watch-houses over weekends since December. Two 10-year-olds have been detained overnight. One 17-yea...CONTINUE READING

More arms industry ties to universities

Con Karavias The Liberals are crowing. Twenty-five million dollars of public money will be spent on a university research deal with the US military. “This is a great outcome”, defence industry minister Christopher Pyne said. The deal is part of the Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, a US military program using international universities to develop US weaponry. Five Australian universities are repo...CONTINUE READING

Black deaths in custody rally demands justice

Lily Campbell More than 600 people gathered at Sydney Town Hall on 12 May to demand an end to Black deaths in custody. The protest, called by activist organisation Fighting in Resistance Equally (FIRE), heard from families of Aboriginal people killed by police, and committed Black activists, including nine-year-old Justice, who addressed the rally: “Last night there was a Black death in custody at Mount Druitt. Nobody ev...CONTINUE READING

Victorian Socialists officially launch election campaign

More than 600 people turned out to the Grace Darling Hotel on 12 May for the Victorian Socialists campaign launch. Organisers had to open another room to accommodate more people, and the candidates repeated their speeches to those waiting downstairs. Comedian-turned-lawyer Corinne Grant was MC as leaders of community organisations spoke of why they support the campaign, followed by speeches from the candida...CONTINUE READING

Public tenants raise their voices against privatisation 

Everyone is three steps from homelessness: unemployment, family break down or a poor decision can all lead to homelessness. Nobody believes it can happen to them, but it can and does. I was very lucky. I was thrown a lifeline. We were all thrown a lifeline … That lifeline is our homes here. They are not simply flats. They are our homes. I’ll admit to being nervous when I first moved here. Like untold thousa...CONTINUE READING

The millionaires paying no tax 

Viktoria Ivanova Out of 12,706 taxpayers with an income of more than $1 million, 62 paid zero income tax in the 2015-16 financial year, an increase of 30 percent from the previous year. The data, provided by the Australian Taxation Office, reveal that the majority claimed to have taxable incomes under $6,001. Three claimed between $6,001 and $18,200. All were below the tax-free threshold, and all avoided the Medicare levy....CONTINUE READING

Students stand with Palestine

Eleanor Morley Students have raised the Palestinian flag on university campuses across New South Wales in protest against the murder of 40 peaceful protesters in Gaza over the past two months. Rallies at the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales gathered students in solidarity with those fighting for their lives in Palestine. “The resistance of the Palestinian people has never been quelled by arrests or r...CONTINUE READING

Working class migrant families take a hit 

Reeshan Zakiyya Working class migrants will find it harder to reunite with family and to support elderly relatives after changes passed in the 2016 and 2017 federal budgets come into effect. To prove that they can financially support family members, migrants’ incomes must be double the previous requirement. From 1 April, the changes to the Assurance of Support Scheme mandate that a single person must earn $86,606 a year, a...CONTINUE READING

Left versus right battle for NSW Greens seat

Sarah Garnham The contest between David Shoebridge and Jeremy Buckingham for the lead position on the Greens NSW Legislative Council ticket is a clear left versus right battle. The two candidates have very different approaches to the parliamentary position and to society more generally. Shoebridge is a bona fide left wing activist. He regularly speaks at demonstrations and uses these platforms to point to the systematic...CONTINUE READING