How socialism could fix the environmental crisis

James Plested Marxist theorist Frederic Jameson once wrote: “It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”. Perhaps that’s never been truer than it is today. But if we don’t start not only imagining, but also fighting for, the end of capitalism, the Earth faces a desolate futur...CONTINUE READING

Why we need to be organised

Con Karavias The question of organisation is a crucial one for socialists. Capitalism divides us and isolates us from one another. It encourages us to think that only the rich and powerful have the right to decide anything. At the same time, it breeds resentment and anger, and a desire for change. The...CONTINUE READING

Why is society so racist?

Miranda Wood Barely a day goes by that we don’t hear some horror story involving racism: police brutality towards Indigenous people, a refugee dying in a detention centre, another Islamophobic attack or a racist comment from a contemptible politician. Why is it that racism seems woven into the very fab...CONTINUE READING

Defying authority, challenging the system: 50 years of high school activism

Nick Everett “Professional activists” were “orchestrating” an “appalling political manipulation” of school students, federal education minister Dan Tehan told the Daily Telegraph on 17 February. He was referring to the 15 March Strike for Climate Action. Tehan asserted: “What is most appalling is [the...CONTINUE READING

Building the foundation of today’s Indigenous resistance

Kim Bullimore The modern movement for Indigenous civil rights and land rights began in Australia in the 1920s and 1930s with the establishment of three key Aboriginal political organisations: the Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association, the Australian Aborigines’ League and the Aborigines Progress...CONTINUE READING

What’s so special about the working class?

Daniel Taylor, Ben Hillier Marxists are for the working class. Socialists and communists calling for a radical transformation of society were around before Karl Marx entered the scene in the mid-1800s. But Marx, in the Communist Manifesto, provided the slogan used by the left all over the world to this day: “Workers...CONTINUE READING

The system behind sexism

Roz Ward #MeToo has exposed the massive scale and extent of sexist behaviour in society. A British online project, Everyday Sexism, has likewise brought to light hundreds of thousands of examples of day-to-day sexism. There are now so many stories on its website that it has been upgraded to include...CONTINUE READING

Why we need a revolution

Chloe Rafferty Revolution has always been necessary to achieve radical change. The establishment of capitalism required revolutions and civil wars to wrest power from the old feudal order, with the French revolution the most well-known example. The struggle to abolish slavery was launched by the Haitian...CONTINUE READING

What can we learn from past union revivals?

Jerome Small A newspaper reports that trade unionism in Sydney is “virtually dead”. An “Old Unionist” writes to the Sydney Morning Herald, remarking that “trades unionism at the present time is almost a thing of the past, caused principally by the introduction of machinery”. The story is no better in o...CONTINUE READING