Political correctness and the rise of the right: an interview with Jeff Sparrow

Roz Ward Trump, Brexit, One Nation: can you comment on the context of the book and why you decided something like this needed to be written? The honest answer is that I was asked to write something reflecting on Trump by my then editor at Scribe. In the immediate wake of the 2016 presidential elect...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism creates the problems, socialism could solve them

James Plested You don’t need a degree in political science to know that our current leaders are a useless bunch of numpties. There’s no shortage of problems in society, yet the political and business elites who run the show seem to have no clue what to do about them. Whether it’s the lack of affordable...CONTINUE READING

The first Communist in parliament 

Roz Ward In his maiden speech to the Queensland parliament in 1944, Australia’s only Communist MP left no room for doubt about what distinguished him from the self-serving cretins who usually inhabit the halls of power: “So far as I am concerned, in this house I represent and stand clearly for one...CONTINUE READING

Remembering the battle of Cable Street

Janey Stone Cable Street in Stepney looks like any other street in London’s East End. But in October 1936 it was the scene of events that marked a generation. In the 1930s, the East End contained nearly half the total Jewish population in Britain. A large proportion were immigrants or the offspring of...CONTINUE READING

How corporate power hijacked democracy

James Plested You don’t have to be a radical to think that what passes for democracy in capitalist society is a fraud. Politicians are so obviously influenced by extra-parliamentary networks of power that only the most blinkered ideologue would argue that the average Australian has as much influence on...CONTINUE READING

Mateship of mongrels: seven decades of the US-Australia alliance

Sam Pietsch In a rare moment of clarity, Donald Trump tweeted after Scott Morrison became prime minister, “There are no greater friends than the United States and Australia”. Coming from the bigot-in-chief, such endearment would turn the stomach of any decent human being. But it was a sweet serenade t...CONTINUE READING

Losing Santhia, part three: exodus from Jaffna, war in the Vanni

Ben Hillier The early monsoon came heavy, leaving parts of Jaffna peninsula waterlogged. The place is a sultry, taxing fog. West of the Point Pedro-Maruthankerny Road, an inland sea overwhelms the flatlands and paddies from which islands of palmyra reach for the clouds. To the east it’s sand dunes and...CONTINUE READING

Never powerless. Norm Wallace, 1926-2018

Liz Ross Norm Wallace, treasurer and assistant secretary of the Builders Labourers Federation until 1988, was no stranger to struggle. Described by the construction union as “a hard man with an amazing passion for social justice”, Norm’s life spanned from undercover work in Z Special Unit, formed d...CONTINUE READING

A people’s history of the Vietnam War

Lily Campbell Images of battle-weary soldiers and children drenched in napalm are burned into the minds of those who lived through or have studied the Vietnam War, a conflict that left up to 5 million people dead. The war is often painted as a dark chapter in the history of an otherwise free and democra...CONTINUE READING