Remembering Maralinga

Jack Crawford Touring art exhibition Black Mist Burnt Country has shone a spotlight on the devastating nuclear weapons tests carried out on Aboriginal land more than 60 years ago. The exhibition, produced by the Burrinja Dandenong Ranges Cultural Centre and now in its third year on tour, documents the t...CONTINUE READING

Campus anti-military campaign celebrates first year

Jack Crawford Forty people gathered at an Adelaide pub on 15 November to celebrate the establishment of the Disarm campaign at South Australian universities. The student campaign – aimed at cutting ties between universities and the arms industry – has hit something of a nerve in the “defence state”, gar...CONTINUE READING

Hundreds rally in Adelaide against nuclear waste dump 

Jack Crawford South Australia has long played an important role in the global nuclear industry. Its deserts were made a testing ground for atomic weaponry in the 1950s and 1960s, condemning countless Aboriginal lives to the rolling black mist. The state is also home to nearly a quarter of the world’s ur...CONTINUE READING

Say no to oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight

Jack Crawford School students in South Australia are routinely taught about the marine wonder that is the Great Australian Bight. The Bight is home to whales and sea lions, and is a favourite hunting ground of great white sharks. But today, a far more terrifying group of predators is hunting there: foss...CONTINUE READING

Waste dump bribery in SA

Jack Crawford The federal government is desperate to dump nuclear waste in South Australia. A campaign of bribery led by Liberal resources minister and pro-Adani crusader Matt Canavan is under way to find a location. The campaign has divided the two prospective towns, Kimba and Hawker. Hawker is an old...CONTINUE READING

Privatisation, not renewables, to blame for blackouts

Jack Crawford South Australia was enveloped by darkness last September when a major storm caused a state-wide power outage. Little did we know, as we waited in candlelit confusion, that a much more sinister form of darkness was about to rear its head: the Liberals’ Jurassic hatred of renewable energy. M...CONTINUE READING

Time to take up the fight over South Australian nuclear dump plans

Jack Crawford The fifteenth of October was the 63rd anniversary of the first atomic weapons test at Emu Field, South Australia. Rather than remembering in silence, Adelaide was alive with energy as 3,000 people gathered at the steps of Parliament House to express anger at plans to make the state the wor...CONTINUE READING

South Australia to become global nuclear waste capital

Jack Crawford Sixty years ago, Maralinga went up in a mushroom cloud. The British government had been given permission to test atomic weaponry in South Australia. That is to say, they had been given permission by the right wing Menzies government. The local Maralinga Tjarutja people had no say in it at...CONTINUE READING