Be sceptical of aged care royal commission

Eric Le Roy The state of Australia’s aged care sector is worsening every day, with overstretched staff forced to work harder and faster than ever before, inadequate training and stagnant wages. Residents’ expectations of what living in an aged care home should be are constantly being lowered. All the...CONTINUE READING

Right on the march in Germany

Eric Le Roy Mass demonstrations and riots by the far right in the German city of Chemnitz in August have sent shockwaves around the world. Scenes of thousands of protesters, many giving Nazi salutes, marching through the historic city attacking people of colour and clashing with counter protesters hav...CONTINUE READING

Half of aged care residents malnourished – report

Eric Le Roy The crisis of funding in Australia’s aged care sector is resulting in a sharp deterioration in living and working conditions. Researchers have reported that malnutrition affects “at least one in two residents in Australian residential aged care facilities”. The findings, published in the j...CONTINUE READING

Evaluating the French elections

Eric Le Roy The recent French presidential elections have captured the attention of the world’s media. Aside from last year’s US elections, few elections in recent memory have attracted so much attention, commentary and anticipation. In France, the stakes were high. Marine Le Pen of the fascist Nation...CONTINUE READING