Health workers rally against Christmas closure

Jerome Small Mental health workers from Melbourne’s Austin hospital have rallied against cuts to services. Management at the Austin recently released a plan to close its child mental health inpatient unit – the only one of its type in Victoria – for three weeks over the Christmas period. Staff object t...CONTINUE READING

Is that ‘police intelligence’, or did you read it in the Herald Sun?

Jerome Small It was bold – even by the standard of police frame-ups. On 19 September, the assistant commissioner of Victoria Police, Steve Fontana, took the witness stand at the Trade Union Royal Commission. His claims were spectacular: “Victoria Police intelligence indicates that criminal activity is...CONTINUE READING

Workers’ rights: what are the Libs up to?

Jerome Small The Liberals have every reason to play down their attacks on workers’ rights. The Howard government’s sweeping WorkChoices “reforms” produced the largest working class demonstrations in Australian history. Despite the serious limitation of the 2005 campaign, the response was enough to swee...CONTINUE READING

Why Palestine is union business

Jerome Small “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King’s observation, written half a century ago from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, is as true today as ever. And it goes to the heart of why Palestine is an issue for workers in Australia. History confirms that revo...CONTINUE READING

Trade union Royal Commission: no trial for the bosses

Jerome Small 15 October 2009: At the Pentridge Prison redevelopment in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, a massive concrete pump is set up. Though there have been excavations and backfillings throughout the area, no compaction tests are done on the ground. Around 11am, one of the pump’s outriggers sinks in...CONTINUE READING

Death of a ruling class warrior

Jerome Small The Australian ruling class is in mourning. One of its most capable and dedicated class warriors, former mining company executive Ray Evans, died on 17 June. Evans was one of the founders of the HR Nicholls Society, an influential right wing ginger group that sought to rewrite the rules of...CONTINUE READING

Fighting job cuts at La Trobe and Melbourne

Jerome Small A wave of restructuring involving massive job cuts is occurring in higher education – and will gather force over the months and years ahead. One of the key budget measures is for more government money to flow to private colleges. As the Financial Review recently trumpeted, the “lower cost...CONTINUE READING

Building a union fightback

Jerome Small Thursday 12 June will be the most significant day so far in the campaign against the Abbott government’s vicious budget. Thousands of organised workers across Victoria will walk out of our workplaces, rallying at Trades Hall at 10:30am before marching through the streets of Melbourne. At m...CONTINUE READING

Building code an assault on workers

Jerome Small “The shovels will start moving in a matter of months”, a triumphant Joe Hockey declared on budget night as he announced an extra $12 billion in infrastructure spending. The federal government has big plans for infrastructure – committing $50 billion over the next six years. It will be a pr...CONTINUE READING