A family snatched at dawn, fighting for their lives

Ben Hillier It’s the stuff of nightmares. A family with two infant daughters, their house raided by 20 or more armed strangers, bundled into vans, flown half a continent away, imprisoned for a week before again being put into vans, flown thousands of kilometres and placed on another aircraft bound for...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s hunger games

Kaye Broadbent More than 3.5 million Australians, 15 percent of the population, experienced food insecurity in 2017, according to Foodbank, Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation. Food insecurity, as defined by Foodbank and the United Nations, is “a situation that exists when people lack secure a...CONTINUE READING

Media bias against Muslims documented

Chris di Pasquale Reading “Islam in the Media 2017”, an investigation by Sydney-based Muslim production studio OnePath Network, is like looking through the greatest hits compilation of the world’s worst band. In this case, it’s the Murdoch press. Who could forget the Daily Telegraph’s dogged campaign agains...CONTINUE READING

Surging homelessness as wages stagnate

Diane Fieldes Despite 27 years of uninterrupted economic growth, homelessness is rising in Australia. What ought to be a fundamental human right – like access to food, water, education and health – is increasingly denied to people in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. More worrying is that in...CONTINUE READING

College hazing rituals: turning today’s little darlings into tomorrow’s corporate monsters

Vashti Kenway A journalist once reportedly asked Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi what he thought of Western civilisation. “I think it would be a good idea”, he is said to have replied. The release of a new report into hazing rituals at elite Australian university residential colleges has yet a...CONTINUE READING

Victoria’s privatisation problem

Robin Laycock Victoria has a privatisation problem. To be fair, selling public assets for profit has been a world trend over the last 40 years. But Victoria led the way in Australia. In the Andrews Labor government’s 2017 budget, a large increase in privatisations was planned, with between 40 and 50 per...CONTINUE READING

Posh schools use public money to up their opulence

Wealthy private schools around Sydney are set to splurge on building upgrades and new developments, some worth tens of millions of dollars. According to an investigation by Fairfax journalist Pallavi Singhal, more than $365 million is planned to be spent by just seven elite schools. One su...CONTINUE READING

Australian apartheid, even in death

Diane Fieldes Henry Lawson’s “The Bush Undertaker” tells the story of an old shepherd who respectfully reburies a white man after digging up the bones of a black man. “I’ll take a pick an’ shovel with me an’ root up that old blackfellow.” Little has changed more than a century later. At Fitzroy Crossing...CONTINUE READING

NSW continues assault on civil liberties

Alma Torlakovic The NSW state government has continued its assault on civil liberties, this time focusing on teenagers in the juvenile detention system. In February, the government announced a $6 million unit on countering extremism. Teenagers in the detention system labelled a threat to national security...CONTINUE READING