‘Yes’ victory has changed the game

Kim Stern What better way to celebrate the first anniversary of the victorious “yes” vote for marriage equality than by watching the Liberal Party and the Christian right’s handling of the Religious Freedom Review. From Howard to Morrison, the right have positioned themselves as valiant fighters for...CONTINUE READING

Inside the Victorian Socialists path-breaking campaign

Louise O’Shea A recent Guardian article pointed out that you can’t go anywhere in the north of Melbourne without seeing Steve Jolly's face. Can you give me an idea of the scale of the Victorian Socialists campaign in the Northern Metro area? This is the biggest socialist election campaign in generations...CONTINUE READING

On the campaign trail with the Victorian Socialists

Jerome Small “Jeez, you’re up early!” Perhaps he could tell I’ve never been much of a morning person, despite two decades of early starts in construction. Or perhaps candidates for parliament rarely get to Craigieburn station to leaflet passengers scrambling onto the 5:43am to the city. This train land...CONTINUE READING

Government’s binge on consultants goes ballistic

Michael West The Big Four global accounting firms have banked $3.1 billion in taxpayer income in the past six years for government consulting. That’s three thousand one hundred million dollars in government revenue to just four firms – PwC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte – for providing advice. The four firms a...CONTINUE READING

Endless cruelty to refugees must stop

Tom Bramble The Morrison government has indicated that it will transfer all refugee children and their families detained on Nauru to Australia for medical treatment by Christmas. But don’t start celebrating. While the announcement by George Brandis, Australia’s ambassador to the UK, was welcomed by ma...CONTINUE READING

Victoria: the police state

Louise O’Shea Victorian premier Daniel Andrews hails from the Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party. This has not stopped his government pursuing a repressive law and order agenda that would make Donald Trump blush. Crime in Victoria is at record lows. Figures from the Crime Statistics Agency show t...CONTINUE READING

Put a socialist in the Victorian parliament 

Corey Oakley You don’t need to be a genius to see that politics in this country is seriously broken. The problem, though, is that while there are massive levels of discontent with the major parties and the broader political establishment, there has been little in the way of an alternative that can give...CONTINUE READING

Will Labor change the rules?

Jerome Small Workers’ wages in Australia have stagnated or gone backwards for half a decade, while the super rich have been helping themselves – with both hands. According to the Australian Financial Review’s annual survey, the richest 200 people in the country increased their total wealth from $176.8...CONTINUE READING

Taking it to the next level against Kennett: a chat with Stephen Jolly

Jerome Small “We were just stumbling across struggles everywhere. You’d be walking through the city centre and there’d be some minor rally, then there’d be some big rally and then there were occupations taking place. The Age on the day after the big rally quoted Lenin and said this was like Petrograd i...CONTINUE READING