Ged Kearney shows we can’t trust Labor

James Crafti The day after politicians united to condemn Katter Party senator Fraser Anning’s “final solution” speech, they ensured that refugees would continue to languish in detention centres. It was an act of irony on a par with Labor prime minister Julia Gillard cutting pensions for single mothers...CONTINUE READING

Peter Dutton, right wing horror show 

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull may have won the vote in the party room, but he’s finished. He has lost all authority among his colleagues. It is now only a matter of time before a fresh party room meeting votes to remove him. Peter Dutton is in the box seat to become prime minister. This prospect is jus...CONTINUE READING

Government priorities, not immigrants, are to blame for city congestion

Tom Bramble The announcement on 7 August that Australia’s population has hit 25 million was greeted in many quarters with a loud wailing and gnashing of teeth. There are, we are told, too many immigrants. The obsession with immigration has long been the calling card of hard-core racists, who never saw...CONTINUE READING

Gangsters for capitalism: Downer, Woodside and ‘Witness K’

James Plested It says everything you need to know about the connection between big business, politics and national security. In 2004, then foreign minister Alexander Downer presided over an Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) operation to install listening devices in the offices of the governm...CONTINUE READING

Protests used as marketing by hypocrite universities

Con Karavias The video starts with the words “some may find the following disturbing”. A rapid-fire montage of visceral rebellion follows. A black-clad anarchist punches neo-Nazi Richard Spencer in the face. Protesters clobber riot police shields. Palestinians fling rocks, and demonstrators flood Austr...CONTINUE READING

Banks ripping off everyone

Tom Bramble Australia’s big financial institutions are a money-gouging oligopoly enriching senior management, board directors and shareholders while bleeding customers dry. A new report from the Productivity Commission, submitted to the government in June but only now released to the public, spells ou...CONTINUE READING

Fairfax, corporate media and a question of independence

Ben Hillier Channel Nine’s imminent takeover of Fairfax media – publisher of the Australian Financial Review, Melbourne’s Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, among others – is the biggest development in Australian media in more than three decades. Under the newly announced merger, Nine will acquire Fai...CONTINUE READING

My Health Record a sick joke

Diane Fieldes You would be hard pressed to find an article positively recommending having a My Health Record. That’s because the government has set it up so that we all automatically get one unless we opt out. So they largely dispensed with the bother of promoting it. Do nothing, and you’re in. Even if...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull government comes a cropper on Super Saturday

Tom Bramble Malcolm Turnbull has boasted for months about his government’s success in pushing through a right wing economic agenda, shovelling money into the hands of the well-off at the expense of the working class. Big tax cuts for big business were to be the next cab off the rank. The media have be...CONTINUE READING