Rudd’s moral wasteland

Tom Bramble From the moment Kevin Rudd started a push for ALP leadership in 2006 he assured the public of his moral rectitude. It was, he said, founded on a solid platform of Christian righteousness and brotherly love for the downtrodden. Whether it was homilies to the media outside church services ac...CONTINUE READING

A racist disgrace

Andrew Martin The ALP has succeeded in setting an international benchmark for cruelty. In a move that has outflanked to the right most of the Liberal Party, Kevin Rudd has completely trashed the UN convention on the rights of refugees. Asylum seekers who come by boat will never be settled in Australia....CONTINUE READING

Let them in

Editors Australia has a border protection problem. It is not that the border is too porous: fewer than 16,000 people have travelled here by boat this year. That’s a tiny fraction of the estimated 15 million refugees struggling to survive around the globe. The problem is the pervasive idea that it...CONTINUE READING

New LGBTI anti-discrimination laws finally passed

Roz Ward In a major legal milestone, new protections against discrimination for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people are to be introduced. The new law broadens the basis for protection against discrimination to include “sexual orientation”, “gender identity”, “intersex st...CONTINUE READING

What kind of national student union?

Sarah Garnham The left in Australia has had a rocky relationship with the National Union of Students (NUS). A large coordinating body that ostensibly defends students’ interests on a national level is obviously a positive thing. But the fact that NUS has been dominated by ALP factions from its inception...CONTINUE READING

What next for equal marriage campaign?

After nearly ten years of fighting the combined might of the Labor and Liberal parties, it is undoubtedly a milestone that the ALP has elected its first pro-marriage equality leader. It is an indication of the impact the campaign has had on Australian politics, and a credit to the thousand...CONTINUE READING

Economic migrant, and proud of it!

Grace Gorman In 1967 I left England because of unemployment, rotten wages, rotten weather, and what looked to me like a bleak future for a young adult. In short, I made a lifestyle decision, and I reckon I made a good one. The Australian government heavily subsidised my fare, my share of which was £10,...CONTINUE READING

Federal intervention won’t save NSW Labor

Mick Armstrong The corrupt right wing controlled NSW ALP has been a disgrace for many decades. When it comes to thuggery, standover tactics, rigging union elections, soliciting bribes from big business interests, spying for the CIA and screwing their left wing opponents, few can outdo the machine men (an...CONTINUE READING

Can Labor stoop any lower on refugees?

Andrew Martin Prior to being removed as prime minister in 2010, Kevin Rudd promised that his government would not be “lurching to the right” on refugees. At the time, he had already implemented policies that included locking up children and reopening the detention centre on Christmas Island. He had also...CONTINUE READING