Labor’s problem is not personality

Mick Armstrong The ALP is an absolute disaster zone. It faces annihilation in the upcoming elections – annihilation at the hands of Tony Abbott, one of the most despised Liberal Party leaders ever. If Labor can’t beat a disgusting reactionary like Abbott, whose whole social outlook is completely out of k...CONTINUE READING

Who really rules Australia?

Katie Wood Parliament is supposed to be the key decision-making body in our society. Laws, regulations and policy are discussed and voted on there, and the media spend an inordinate amount of time covering the ins and outs of parliamentary debate. We think less often about the other decisions that af...CONTINUE READING

Gonski’s not that great

Heidi Claus Things seem to be looking up for Australia’s struggling public schools. Under the federal government’s Gonski plan, some schools will receive funding increases of 120 percent or more, according to figures released last week for Victoria and Queensland. Gillard is also offering the Barnett...CONTINUE READING

Labor’s ‘reforms’ leave anti-worker 457 visa system intact

Jerome Small In the first week of June, Fairfax newspapers exposed the ruthless exploitation of workers on employer-sponsored working visas. Hundreds of workers from India and the Philippines paid recruitment agents between $5,000 and $40,000. Some workers were required to pay 48 percent interest rates...CONTINUE READING

‘We are treated like animals’: Nauru asylum seeker speaks out

Sawsan Hassan They have committed no crime but in fleeing the destitution of Gaza, “the world’s largest open air prison”, 17 Palestinian asylum seekers now find themselves in one of the world’s most remote concentration camps. The group was transferred from Christmas Island to Nauru on 25 May by the Aus...CONTINUE READING
Pine Gap

They’re spying on us as well

Jo Squire Edward Snowden, the heroic whistleblower behind the revelations of mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency told journalist Glenn Greenwald that his greatest fear was not for his own safety or personal well-being. Rather, his greatest concern was that the revelations would be m...CONTINUE READING

An ongoing crisis in government

Editors When masses of people articulate their grievances by shutting down a city, social complaints can rapidly become political crises. Since the first issue of Red Flag went to print, several rebellions around the world have threatened to morph into such crises for those at the top of society....CONTINUE READING

Refugees fear deportation

Trevor Grant For newly arrived Christmas Island asylum seekers, many of whom have endured life-threatening journeys, the fear and trepidation do not end when they reach land. The fear of drowning on the high seas, dying of thirst or being eaten by sharks is nothing compared to the pre-dawn knock on the...CONTINUE READING

Things Labor should do, but won't

Tom Bramble The ALP is looking down the barrel of electoral annihilation. Labor politicians have been running around like headless chooks. Caucus discipline is shot to blazes. The symptoms of collapse are everywhere, but the diagnoses for Labor’s ills are as shallow as they are plentiful. Most common...CONTINUE READING