Rudd on Rudd: Kev’s nephew speaks out

Ben Hillier “Who would have thought I’d be swept into this shit again?” Van Rudd is beaming about the prospect of sitting for another interview about the Labor leadership, a subject in which he actually has very little interest. Apart from his surname, there is little to associate the 40-year-old radi...CONTINUE READING

Can science explain Gina Rinehart’s poetry?

Steph Price Sure, a lot of good people have spent a lot of time deriding it and belittling it. Time no doubt well spent. But every word of humorous commentary, satisfying as it is, leaves one question unanswered. Why? What critical failure of self-awareness allowed this woman to pen such odious verse?...CONTINUE READING

The surveillance state exists to suppress dissent

Jerome Small “Boundless Informant” – the name says it all. This US government data-mining project, exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden along with the PRISM project, gathers and sorts literally billions of pieces of data on us, enabling spy agencies to piece together our activities, associations and...CONTINUE READING

Not the change we want to see

Editors Under a new leader, the ALP has moved into the second wave of its long campaign for a third term in office. Labor’s strategy seems clear enough: win back the seats it can (mainly Qld), hold those it must (mostly NSW). Its tactic is on one hand to remind us of the party’s so-called tremendo...CONTINUE READING

‘Seize the time’ on uniting Australia’s socialist left

Last month Socialist Alliance National Council adopted a resolution on left unity. Here we publish a reply to the Alliance by the Socialist Alternative National Executive, welcoming their statement and proposing further concrete steps towards unity. --------- We welcome the resolution on u...CONTINUE READING

A significant step towards a united socialist organisation

Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance, the two biggest socialist organisations in Australia, have since late 2012 been engaged in discussions about the possibility of forming a united organisation. The Socialist Alliance National Council met on 10 June and adopted the resolution...CONTINUE READING

Labor’s problem is not personality

Mick Armstrong The ALP is an absolute disaster zone. It faces annihilation in the upcoming elections – annihilation at the hands of Tony Abbott, one of the most despised Liberal Party leaders ever. If Labor can’t beat a disgusting reactionary like Abbott, whose whole social outlook is completely out of k...CONTINUE READING

Who really rules Australia?

Katie Wood Parliament is supposed to be the key decision-making body in our society. Laws, regulations and policy are discussed and voted on there, and the media spend an inordinate amount of time covering the ins and outs of parliamentary debate. We think less often about the other decisions that af...CONTINUE READING

Gonski’s not that great

Heidi Claus Things seem to be looking up for Australia’s struggling public schools. Under the federal government’s Gonski plan, some schools will receive funding increases of 120 percent or more, according to figures released last week for Victoria and Queensland. Gillard is also offering the Barnett...CONTINUE READING